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New to site :)


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Good Evening... Well suppose morning now for me lol

My names Jaye.

Was reading up on tattoos and come across your site so thought I'd check it out.

Had an "idea" for a new tattoo but wanted other opinion..especially from those who actually in that environment.

I only got 1 tattoo and very simple one at that so I'm a bit naive when it comes to this sort of thing...

I'm not really artistic in this regard....I have an idea of sorts of what i'd like but its not something i can describe....I'm sure this is easier if you can actually draw lol

Don't see a spoiler tag function to make the post smaller so I'll write it on another post later haha

Again Happy to be here.

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Welcome Jaye. The best person to talk to about your idea is a tattoo artist. They'll let you know what will or will not work as a tattoo, and they'll work with you to turn your idea into reality.

I'd suggest paying a visit to Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta as they seem to make some nice tattoos:

Liberty Tattoo

Other posters here might have other shop recommendations as well.

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Fair enough. OH and I believe I know where this is...

I always had that mentality that you kind to have to know what you wanted prior to going. ><

Unsure if artist did like on the spot type situations.

I say that because my idea somewhat involves symbols :o

As my first tattoo i did on Photoshop so wasn't really any changing to that haha

This one im being more open minded

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Guess i may have to go there on the week and see...

Sent liberty an email with the images but they probably busy haha

Better to see im directly but figured since they all emails i figured why not....

Still trying to get the idea together...

Unsure how imma get Venus symbol up in there....aka the female symbol ><

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Hi @darkzeru!

Welcome! That's so cool that you are heading into your next tattoo. Good luck with everything and I hope you love it for forever. My first two hold a special place in my heart and always will. :o

I have had the best luck physically going into shops to discuss new tattoo ideas. Email is very convenient but I appreciate the opportunity to get the vibe of a shop and meet my potential artist in person. Also, it creates the opportunity to look at the books of the artists and maybe get a sense of who is the best match for what you are wanting.

Keep us all posted and have fun!

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Yea i went to Ink and Daggers on Saturday.

They advised doing consultation with one of the artist who into astrology.

I went back yesterday and she thought my concept was interesting.Gave me her email and we've been talking this morning...

We mostly have an idea out there...

My only concern now is if i actually want Venus symbol on me....which by modern standards is the female gender symbol


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