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  1. That Chad Koeplinger and Jondix piece is nothing short of pure awesomeness. Here's my favorite Skull by Stewart Robson while he was at Frith Street Tattoo.
  2. This is a masterful quote. Reading it brought me back to the entire experience. Never a fan of that F--King Liner, I would hear the shader get disconnected and I thought "not again". It did get to the point where I would hear "sorry" after my tattooer realized he needed lines to complete.... But it's a great experience and I do miss it. Planning the appointments and watching the piece come together. It only happens once.....ENJOY @sophistre
  3. @ironchef there aren't words to describe how freaking awesome that piece is! Congrats.....
  4. The part of the story I find perplexing is this "teacher" went with these students to a tattoo parlor? Was this same teacher having alcohol with the kid that were able to drink? This just seems like a recipe for something destructive. I grew up in a different time, I would never had wanted to hang out with a teacher and vice versa. There was a distance between teachers and students.
  5. @cltattooing Are you kidding? That backpiece will be a WINNER! Too bad submissions are down... I guess we all don't have that much skin left!
  6. I CANNOT believe I am missing another year!! Oh well 2016 it is! You guys will have a blast and hopefully will end up with some great tattoos....
  7. I would change that price range.... Artists like those at Kings Ave charge that much because they are worth it. You could end up paying that lesser amount but the talent could possible be much less then the 75.00 difference. You should wait and save the money you need to get what you want. Your skin isn't going anywhere and you will have whatever tattoo you get for a LONG TIME!
  8. Here's something you don't expect to see under the santa suit! Santa Claus is Coming to Town -- and He's Covered in Tattoos - NBC News
  9. When in doubt get a skull....
  10. Thanks @Lance we have had some good times there. I'm totally bummed missing out this year.
  11. @Lance @cvportagee @ian @Scott R @cltattooing @hogg - Taking this year off, not happy about it but it doesn't align with things. Hope you guys all have a great time and enjoy the meet-up!!!!!
  12. Man, that is one sweet back piece!!!!! Thank goodness we only have one ass, that is too much pain to try to endure again!
  13. And I lived in Las Vegas for a while. @Lynn Webster Rose where did you get your work done?
  14. DITTO!!!! Your Mom, Your Memories, Your Decision! Do what your gut or heart tells you. Also, sorry for your loss, I'm sure what ever you pick your mother would have loved it.
  15. Reyeslv


    Welcome to LST. What are you thinking of getting? and do you have a shop and artist picked out?
  16. I did a search to see if this was posted before. Here's a youtube video of the Yakuza and the relationship to tattooing. Some really nice bodysuits and stories.
  17. That is an amazing piece you have going and I sympathize with the agony of the heel. Those tender areas take a good 2 weeks to be 100% and back to normal. I do love when you are in the shop and everyone is talking about their back-piece experience. How they are so glad that it's behind them. They talk about how getting a back piece just sucked. I can't remember how many times I heard "man I'm glad that's over".......
  18. Reyeslv


    Big fan of kojiichimaru he was a good find!
  19. Reyeslv


    Agree with your perspective on instagram. For me it's the methadone substitute to my addiction. Not as good as getting a tattoo, but viewing the work still stimulates me. The challenge for me has been following too many tattoo artist and get away from the "disposable" aspect that you stated. I follow and unfollow based on content. I've cut the list down considerably and challenge myself on seeing a tattoo and being able to pick the artist. By my memory I'm really good, but that's MY memory.
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