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First timer from Canada!


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Hi everyone!

My names Calliope, or Callie, I'm 22 and I'm looking to get my first tattoo!

I've already narrowed it down to a few ideas and I have my artist all picked out, he's a great guy, I'm going to meet him in a while so he's not a total stranger.

This is my first time on a forum, so am I allowed to ask questions?

I just want a general opinion of where I should get my tattoo, I want to keep it small, tidy and classy. I'm not having it coloured in and I want it to be subtle. I'm either having a seahorse (I'm a scuba diver) or Winnie the Pooh eating a jar of maple syrup (my nickname my dad have me was Pooh Bear, and I grew up in Canada and I don't want to forget it-stereotypical I know, but I like syrup). I have an okay pain tolerance, and I want to be able to cover it up (my grandparents might not wanna see it, haha).

Any feedback, or more ideas, I have a terrible imagination and creative sense, would be immensely appreciated!!

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Personally I consider highly visible to be wrist down and shirt collar up and it varies on legs for males v females. The consensus is that elbow down on the arm and just above the knee and down are high vis and of course shirt line/neck up. Stay away from those high visible areas and you should be ok hiding it.

Def talk to your artist about you future tattoo plans, there's lots of prime tattoo locations in that covered area :)

Welcome to LST

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As has been mentioned before, talk to the artist. He is getting paid to give you his best, most informed opinion; use that source of information and run your concerns by him. Put the tattoo where YOU want to put it. It is your body and your choice. Use your artist input to make a decision on where YOU want to tattoo. Cheers and good luck!

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