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London- Pens and Needles : an art exhibition celebrating Tattoo art and lifestyle

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London Miles Gallery is proud to present " Pens and Needles" a art exhibition celebrating Tattoo art, Culture and Life Style. The exhibition will feature the original artwork, tattoo stencils and photographs from more than 20 international tattoo artists and photographers. The exhibition aims to open up Tattoo culture and educate the public about the talented artists that shape the tattoo industry. With skills not only in tattoo art, these artists work with traditional mediums such as acrylic and oil.

The opening reception is on Friday, February 25th 2011 at London Miles Gallery.

The reception will include live tattooing, installations, music and a complete exhibition of paintings, photos and more..

This is a London art exhibition not to miss, come to the opening and show off your own flesh art! Many artists will be in attendance and all Tattoo artists and tattoo lovers are welcome!!

Feb. 25th 2011 to March 7th 2011

London Miles Gallery

242 Acklam Road. Westbourne Studios. London. W10 5JJ.

London Miles Gallery

more info: info@londonmiles.com

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Thanks for the update. I have added it to the calendar and here is the infro from their blog for those who wish not to visit an outside link:

Back from a well deserved break, London Miles is ready for a another year packed with back to back exhibitions. First up is a very exciting exhibition celebrating Tattoo artwork and culture- Pens and Needles. Featuring a collection of international tattoo artist and fine artist that are inspired by tattoo artwork. The exhibition opens on February 25th 2011 at Westbourne Studios.

Confirmed artists are:

Claudia Sabe, Shawn Barber, Nick Baxter, Estevan Oriol, Olli Bery, Jeff Gouge, Nick Colella, Kurt Wiscombe, Tom Bagshaw, Daniel Albrigo, Mike Davis, Lea Nahon, Human Fly Jee, Bart Bingham, Rico, Hoshion, Holy Fox, Xam, Matt Difa, Regino Gonzales, Issac Fainkujen, Shad and a few more to be confirmed.

On show will be photographs, original stencils from tattoos, paintings and a unique installation designed by the London Miles Team. This is an exhibition not to be missed!!

More preview pics and information to come. To be placed on the online preview list- please email : Sales@londonmiles.com

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