SF Bay Area, opinions and advice?

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No, not an artist reccommendation request (although if you feel like including that, by all means). Sorry if something like this exists, I searched but didn't see anything.

As some of you may know, I recently moved to Portland, and got a job that I was super excited about. Turns out, the job isn't at all like I was led to believe during my interview. Basically, there will be very little room for advancement, and I will continue to make crap money for the foreseeable future (as opposed to a raise after a 90 day evaluation, as I was told.)

Now my friend, who was meeting me out here, has come up with the idea of trying the SF bay area, as there's a school he wants to go to there. As much as I like Portland, and I'm sure I would be back one day, my first month here has not gone well and I'm thinking that trying something different is a good plan.

Anyway, after all that rambling, I was just wondering if any of you had knowledge/advice about the bay area, such as cost of living, general job availability, what sort of jobs seem to be most available, that kinda thing. I'll do just about anything for work, have experience in construction, food (pizza delivery) and a little server experience, if any of that matters. Also recently forklift certified.

So basically, thoughts from locals? A good place to come and try to start a life? Or hard to find work, and expensive to live in, therefore not the best place for a young man to venture to without specific qualifications and such?

Thanks for any and all advice.

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San Fran is one of the most expensive cities to live in vs Portland Oregon one of the cheapest. I'm sure the pay is a bit more but it's not going to be drastically more.

I had heard this, its one of the biggest doubts I have about the idea. Hopefully within a few weeks ill get a chance to visit the area and get an idea myself.

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I wouldn't really recommend moving here until you already have a job lined up, although it's pretty competitive in that arena as well. Rent is climbing in both SF and the surrounding areas on account of the tech boom. So pretty much, it's definitely possible to make it, but it's probably going to be a hustle.

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