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Greetings from São Paulo, Brasil

Litl Lucas

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Hello everyone,

i´m Lucas, argentinian living in Brasil for over 20 years now.

Started collecting tattoos when i was 20 and i´ve been

gettin more ink through the years. I have worked like a nomad

in many fields, always guided by art and drawing, but wasn´t

until last year, when my wife got pregnant of our first child,

that i got myself a machine and started, what i hope will be,

a long walk in tattooing. I know i´m fresh meat, but i have

nothing but respect and pacience to learn. I really hope to

meet more good people here in LST as i have met here in

São Paulo. Thanks.

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Thanks Lochlan.

Thank you very much Alanna for the warm welcome, pretty soon i'll upload somethings. And keep doing those lovely sweet things.

Thanks Tammy, i agree is a beautiful place to live, and our daughter, Alice, sends mini-kisses to you.

Thanks BigJoe, I know Ivan from a long time and he has done some work on a friend of mine. He´s an example here for those in the

japanese tradition. I've heard of Rico, but i'm not that familiar with his work, and the same with JP. Some others tattoo artist down here

i recomend checkin out - Misi at Studio Tattoo Tradition - R. dos Pinheiros, 1181 - Sao Paulo - SP and Pedro Lucente, who has done all my ink so far - 13 TATTOO SP 30615323 - photos from 13tattoosp - Fotolog

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