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  1. lol! every summer there is usually a new tattoo and my dad finds out when we go to the beach together. he usually doesn't say anything!
  2. here's an update guys! i went sky diving this morning and it was the most amazing experience of my life! my friend said just as addictive as getting tattooed i wanna go back for more!! and i wasn't as nervous as i thought i was going to be. you dont have time to be nervous really! actually the scariest part is signing the liability wavier before you get suited up.
  3. @tammy it might be too early to tell me this since this trip is just an idea right now but for the LSTers that are coming from other countries are you able to help us get plane tickets to the destination or are we responsible for handling that?
  4. welcome to LST David! i hope you have enjoyed what you've seen and read so far!
  5. i would for sure be down for a vacation june 2014 that sounds like an awesome idea. however i will really be able to tell you yes or no with more details.
  6. lol! i know eh! it will be two years in September when i started lurking and look what everyone's influence has done to me! i have 6 tattoos that im so proud of! thanks guys and gals ;)
  7. @Mr.Smith i will do! i made one more post on the previous page of a Portuguese rooster and rose, that one was done by Lizzie. i agree, Adrian did an amazing job! he worked really hard on it and the finished piece blew my mind.
  8. AlannaCA

    img 1070

    my first tattoo done by LZA of Speakeasy in Toronto. my dogs names Joia and Avelan
  9. AlannaCA

    img 1069 - copy

    my second tattoo, ivy and lyrics from one of my favorite songs
  10. AlannaCA

    img 1067

    ship and anchor by Adrian from Speakeasy in Toronto
  11. AlannaCA

    img 1065

    Rollo panther from Taylor st. tattoo Chicago
  12. AlannaCA

    img 1062

    Portuguese rooster, rose and rosary
  13. i took a short trip back in March to Chicago. my objective was to just take a trip by myself and do some sight seeing. well on my last full day there the mood struck and i went down to Taylor Street tattoo and decided i wanted to get something cool. i was looking at the walls full of flash and they were so amazing! the man and artist running the shop that day was Rickybird. i said i wanted to get something awesome maybe a panther or a swallow or anything that catches my eye really. he went and grabbed a huge black binder and flipped straight to a page with a photocopy of an acetate drawing. it was a panther done by Rollo and underneath he had written "the best panther i've ever drawn". immediately i knew that, that was the one i was going to get but just for the sake of it i wanted to compare it to some of the other flash on the walls and honestly nothing could compare. so i left chicago with an amazing tattoo and a very full belly! i promise i will return again because i had a fantastic trip. - - - Updated - - - Dietzel is one of my favorite tattoo artist and i have both of the books that John Reiter has put out. i love all the flash and i love his story. i've had it in my mind for a while that i wanted to get an anchor and possibly a ship. so of course i went back to my books to look for something and found and awesome piece of flash that i gave to Adrian from Speakeasy and made it his own. it turned out amazing and i love it alot!
  14. this is the thigh piece i started back in September. if i remember correctly i posted a picture a while back in October after my second session where all the black was filled in. then i went back 2 more times (Dec and Jan) to get the color finished. now its all done and i couldn't be happier!
  15. stating the obvious but that wolf is really rad!
  16. i took the week off to go to the cottage and breath some fresh air and relax. recently i did the Warrior dash(5km mud race with obstacles) it was so amazing and im hooked! i want to eventually work my way up to Tough Mudder! im new to running-been doing it for fun for the last year- and im training pretty hard for a half marathon coming up this fall! oh and how could i forget in a couple weeks in going skydiving!! its easy to back out of something big like this but im organizing a group to go with and they will keep me from backing out! hahahaha
  17. i'm back! its been a while since ive had any free time to myself to be able to come back to LST, but now that im up at the cottage for the week ill have plenty of time to catch up on the stuff that ive missed! another thing i find funny is that i almost have perfect recollection of some of the threads going on here and where i want to write each of my new stories! (side note: if you knew me you'd know sometimes i cant remember my own birthday!! lol) now to write something that actually applies to this thread. i was seeing this guy a while back and i was over at this house one night. i mentioned to him that i was going to Chicago for a short trip and i said that i was also going to get tattooed. he said "what, its not enough that you could get Hepatitis here you have to go to Chicago to try and get it?" i cant even tell you how fast i left his apartment. lol! you win some and you lose some!
  18. who is said tattooer that likes to whip shade over stretch marks? i must see him/her if im ever in England. i have plenty that need to be tattooed over. hahahaha!!! its awesome to read this story from you Jade1955 and actually exactly what i needed to hear right about now as i seem to have hit a bit of a downward spiral in my own weight loss and fitness. you reminded me of the initial commitment i made to myself. thank you! - - - Updated - - - so so so true! i've lost a lot of weight thanks to my tattoos and getting tattooed 70lbs now. i love how they make me feel and im excited to show them off. of course as a lady my trouble areas are my butt and thighs. i now have 4 awesome tattoos on left thigh and i love my body even more because of them!
  19. I love this thread! it really made me laugh and actually encouraged how i already feel about the bible and how irrelevant it is!
  20. are there any other places i can look for pictures on what i can do for my knee? i feel so stumped. flowers keep coming to mind as a cool subject matter but i can t visualize what flowers would look like. one girl i work with got an oyster with a pearl on her knee and it looks so cool! i dont know how i feel about animal heads right now, to me it just doesn't seem to feel like it fits for me! i have 7 months before my appt. so i can keep brainstorming!
  21. @Reyeslv, your not the only one i totally bought into that and was totally horrified watching that! lol!! makeup would have never entered into my mind!
  22. im cake_mistress here are some of my favorite people to follow: Lizzietattoo- lizzie renaud andreafurci - andrea furci chad Koeplinger dan smith emiliano_zapata sir_eric_wilcox firthsttattoo Guendouglas inksmith and roger jackmauk jennifermoffat jillbonny clissicjuan- Juan Puente Julioavila7- Julio Avila Ksaigh kyle crowell lalhardy nikki lugo oliverpecker rickwalters rosshogg stefano_c_london stewart Robson the_hyena xamthespaniard wow thats a long list!! lol
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