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Hello all/ New 'round these parts.


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Hey Hey

I've been lurking around the forums for a few weeks now reading all that I can, and I finally joined up.

I am a 32 year old guy from long island that for the most part I am sure fits into all those awful stereotypes about my hometown. :D

I have been into tattoo as my main form of art and expression for as long as I can remember and am happily (albeit slowly) adding to my current small collection.

I appreciate most all varieties of work, but have a huge disdain for the "look at me I need attention" stuff which I have noticed you guys refer to as the Warped tour body suit.

So more likely than not I will be appreciating what I see.

I don't know what else to add but thank you for having such a great community and I hope to add to it.


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Welcome dude! Where you normally get tattooed?

I don't really have a normally. Right now I am getting work done by Mr. Rubendall at Kings Ave. I am headed for my second session on my back piece this Saturday. I am beyond excited and am sure this will slowly evolve into a way too expensive bodysuit of some variation as long as he will be patient with me lol.

Part of the reason I joined up was I wanted to journal the progress of this piece (possibly).

thanks for the welcomes

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I promise you that we won't be bothered if you want to keep us updated about your back, especially if pictures are involved. Welcome!

Thank you I appreciate the support. Yea I have a few choice pictures from the first session. My favorite was my body being saran-wrapped for the car ride home. I have I believe until 10 posts total to create my own thread. I wasn't sure about jumping in to the back piece thread or making one

I have to admit I'm hoping to make his damn instagram. I feel like that's how I know he's into it.

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Yea I was like third in line... I got there at like 5:30am and was shocked when I wasn't first. In the picture they took of the line outside I was the big guy in a red shirt at the front. (I think it was a red shirt) They posted it on instagram ages ago. It was funny how many people walking by asked if we were waiting for concert tickets.

I hope the pic uploads but its a tiger fighting 2 smaller oni with peonies wind bars and waves. In the pic I'm like 4+ hours deep and felt like death. Rubendall is the man for coaching me through the session. He is an absolute professional and super cool

EDIT: the big purple circles on my back are spaces reserved for 2 more peonies he didn't yet draw up he kept it there for visual reference.

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