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Hi my name is Faolan,

I love tattoos my whole life and have been planning my tattoos since i could draw. Since my dad was covered before my birth this has always been the norm for me, and people without tattoos seem strange. I stated my tattoo collection three days after turning 18 and have two so far but wont be finished until most of me is tattooed. I'm excited to see what knowledge and help this place can give me on my escapades in the years to come.

Thank you.

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This is late, but better than never. hah. My dad is totally awesome, really open minded and funny but looks tough as nails. Once a friend asked me if I'd ever seen anyone insult my dad's tattoos or treat him wrong because he had them and i told him "No, but if you'd even seen my dad you'd know why." He started getting them when he was really young and there are some he regrets, but he doesn't mind too much because at least I learned from his mistakes and he at least gets to be a role model to me where he didn't have one. I got a couple pictures of my tats.



there you go.

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