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*non-creepy wave*


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Hey guys,

I've been perving through your forums and galleries for a few days, and thought I better fight my lurker nature and at least introduce myself and say hi :)

Also I am really bad at this kind of thing, so...


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Hi, Exume,

I'm in the midst of getting bats and peonies down my back. Five bats, topmost one on my left shoulder, bottom-most on my right butt cheek. I think my artist wants to put in a rope cord winding through the flowers in the next session, too.


Here's a shot from my first session.

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Hi, Patrick,

I'm going up in a couple of weeks to get more work done on the same piece. I currently have the outlines for the five bats, and I assume she's going to put in the outlines for the peonies and cord, then shade the bats if we have time/my skin is still workable.

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