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Figured I should finally post in here. I mostly just lurk, trying to pick up little bits of wisdom and look at awesome tattoos. My plan is to hopefully have a new tattoo in the near future that I can share on the forum. Nice little community y'all have here.


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Welcome. You have good people in and near Baltimore to get tattooed by.

That's what I hear. I'm lookin forward to discovering what's around the way. I do recall reading through a thread on here at some point about some historic spots/people in Baltimore, very cool stuff.

Anyways, thanks for the welcome guys.

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I've had a friend suggest Brightside in Baltimore. Any shops/tattooers you'd recommend highly?

Kike at Brightside is a fine tattooer. I would also say my dude Hunter Spanks at Have Fun Be Lucky in Hampden could make a great tattoo for you.

There really is a lot of choices, spend some time looking through portfolios or Instagram accounts.

Outside of Baltimore you could visit John Rippey at Classic Electric in Frederick. That place is beautiful.

Shops and or tattooers to research:

Brightside (Kike)

Have Fun Be Lucky (Hunter Spanks)

Saints and Sinners (Christian Beckman)

Read Street

Classic Electric (Frederick)

Black Label (Frederick)

Ghosttown (Ellicott City)

These are just my personal suggestions for what you mention you are looking for.

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