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45 and Finally Inked


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Hi, my name is Michael and on Friday I got my first tattoo.

After many years of debating and over thinking, I finally said "Stop it already. Just get one."

And I did. I loved the process. It was fun and a rush. And I love my tattoo and I'm addicted already. Have planned out my entire tattoo future. It will basically be a hall of fame of my pop culture loves. From music to movies to TV to favorite toys growing up. Whatever I've loved, hopefully will have a spot somewhere.

I just joined, so I can't start a thread somewhere else, but I did have a question. Most of the tattoos I want are going to be portraits and photo-realistic. Who's the best or best few tattoo artists in NYC for something like that?

And who are the tattoo artists in NYC who do pop culture, popping colors like the tattoos on the show Epic Ink. Area 51 shop. I already have a brilliant portrait artist, but he works mostly in black and grays. I actually haven't asked him about color yet, but since I'm already addicted I just want to know who the top guys in NYC are for all types of portrait, pop culture and photo realistic. For example...this tattoo next...Any suggestions on where I should go if this isn't in my guy's wheelhouse?


Thanks and it's great to be here!

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Greetings. I'm new to this too - at 62! I do know one thing, for a photo-realistic of someone, get the best! Not just the best you can afford or best in NYC, as I've seen wat too many by 'good' artists that IMHO are just not good enough. Even worse if it a family member. At least for a pop culture figure, it could be a caricature.

Thru the ether from my LP2

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