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Hey everyone, newcomer here with a problem at hand. I need help guys!!

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Hello everyone, My name's Edwin and I'm from Singapore. I came across this forum while looking for help for my new tattoo.

Story here is : I just got my second tattoo done yesterday and i realize after the session that the blade was not symmetrical.. In fact, it was crooked!!!!

I thought it was because of the way i position my arm but apparently it is not. It looks slanted at every possible angle. This is the first session for this piece, so only the outline is done. I'm going back in a month's time to do the shading and coloring. Is there any possible way to fix this? Both my tattoos were done by the same artist whom I have very high respect for. I think it was the way i positioned my arm when he was preparing for the procedure.

I would love to hear from the veterans here or artists on how I can fix this. This is stressing me out so much![/img

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ok first i do think your tattoo is kinda cool


real thoughts coming here...

the application (with rough picture to judge mind you) looks rough

line weight issues?

poor design?

this dagger could and should be so much more - right?

anyway - just a client perspective here

i would learn to love it but i would also move along with my dollas for my next one

too harsh?



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    • Hi there. First of all I think you have a very nice tattoo. I can very much relate to the feelings you're going through as my mind went crazy when I had my back piece done a little more than a year ago. I was obsessed with it. It felt like it wasn't part of my body and I wanted it gone. It took some time to get used to it and to accept it as part of me. My tattoo wasn't just an impulse decision, yet it felt like something too big, too dark, too weird on my body, I felt like i let down my family and kids and that I'm a freak. Well, now, quite some time later I can tell you I got used to it and I like my tattoo very very much and I'm back to being me, the strong, confident me.  Give it time. If you feel weird right now it's ok. You'll be better! Don't be hard on yourself and keep living your normal life :-).
    • Alright thanks, I was just told it was going to be lower than 1600 euros total, we're more looking at 3 000 ish but hey i'm very happy with the results so far so cant complain 
    • Unless it's very painful and has a bad odor, I wouldn't worry about it. I don't see anything that indicates any kind of problem.
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