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Mireille Pelland

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My name is Mireille. I'm from Canada! I have a few tattoos already and have had bad experiences so nowadays it's extremely important to me to find the best tattoo artists for my specific needs. I believe every artist has one technique (amongst others) that they are really good at, so it's all about picking the right one for the work I want done! :)

The main reason why I joined this community is because I have a tattoo of my ex boyfriends name on my lower back (see pictures) and I need some ideas on what to cover it with. I've seen a couple tattoo artists and the ideas they've given me so far are:

- an owl

- flowers

- wings

None of these really stuck to me so I'm looking for new ideas!


photo_on_2014-11-29_at_4.37_pm_thumb.jpg photo_on_2014-11-29_at_4.24_pm_2_thumb.jpg

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Fair enough and yes my ex told me, he didn't want me to get tattoos on knees/below the knee or any more work done. I don't think he appreciated the laughing and he was told where to go and shown the door. Him being tattooed himself, thought that was hypocritical of him, but never mind. Am better off without him. Started getting tattooed again this year (pics in my intro thread if you're curious) and am happy :)

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Welcome! It would help an artist if you had some basic ideas, like the angel for them to work with. We can all throw out ideas, but it should be important to you. It sounds like you might not have been completely in control of the last one, so this is the perfect time for you to imagine something that would be *you*. Is there something you got out of the bad relationship, like feeling like you have strength or something? Look for an image that represents how you feel now. Anyway, just a thought and good luck!

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I'd want more of an elegant/pretty angel

Here's some pics for ideas:






I also wanted a specific tree added on eventually into a back piece...I'm just unsure of how to mix in the angel, the tree and possibly flowers but yet still have it looking good and cover the last one! I'd love to maybe have the angel sitting by the tree or something...not too sure how to make it work!

Here's the tree


- - - Updated - - -

- - - Updated - - -

Here's the links to the other 2 angels that didn't show up!



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I agree, talk it over with your tattooist about a full back piece, they'll be able to sort it out. Work in the tree and the angel, with existing one. I agree that the back is made for one piece, but have seen exciting pieces merged into one back piece which does look well. Depends on what you want and what your tattooist can visualise. (Just my 2d's worth)

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