I wanted to acknowledge Charley Marquez at True Blue, ATX: low-profile amazing.

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Just got work done by Charley at True Blue, Red River, in Austin. Let me tell you, I'd love to keep it a secret, but he deserves the props.

Charley has been doing this a long long time. Knows just about any piece of American tattoo history you can care to bring up. He keeps a low profile, mostly catering to walk ins. He's JUST now working on a social media presence:

I came in and after seeing pics of two of his American traditional hand pieces, I asked him for a traditional rose with a whaling harpoon. One of his comments was "for every hundred tattoos, I get to do one like yours."

He smashed my idea out of the park, his execution was MIND blowing. And it was great to shoot the shit and talk tattoo history with someone else who has no filter.

I apologize for the glare, very fresh.





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