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Hello ! Can you help me with new tattoo idea ?

Adrian Mazurek

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Hello everyone :) At the beginning i would like to say hello from Poland :P

Few months ago i get my first tattoo. For me tattoos must have good look, not necessarily mean something. I found one art on google, more specifically it : modified_skull_x_snake_by_aubzwork-d6wjv3e.jpg and now I got it. 39075765565337774898.jpg I want to make full arm tattoo, this tattoo is only on front of forearm, but i dont have idea what can i add "under" my hand. I though about flowers but i am not sure, what u think ? It will be look good ? Next i thought about MUERTA with roses above snake, you know - on arm. Its good idea or I just should make full arm tattoo on my second hand ? As i wrote earlier - tattoos for me should have a good look, nothing more.

I hope u understand what i wanted to say :P

Have a nice day guys, cheers

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I agree with other comments saying this tattoo could use some more color. When I saw the original design, I thought it would look best with the classic green and red tones, so I was a bit confused when I saw that there were colored flowers in the back as well as color in the skull, but the snake was left untouched. It does look a little unfinished since there is color in those areas of the tattoo, but not the snake. The blue in the skull is a unique choice, and it definitely could be blended in better with the rest of the piece if maybe there was a hint of blue in the snake as well. Right now it looks like the snake is a new, unfinished tattoo on top of two colored tattoos.

The design is really solid though, I like the concept! Such nice imagery can be paired with a lot of different things to turn the tattoo into a sleeve. I'm partial to thinking that, since you've already gotten classic images of a skull, a rose, and a snake, you should maybe add a panther or a dagger. That being said, if you have room, a sugar skull or a Day of the Dead girl might tie into your interests! If you're still uncertain, talk to your artist. Tattooing is his job, so he'll know how to build this into a unified piece. In fact, I'm sure if you asked nicely, he would come up with multiple ideas if you book a consultation.

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