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Hello All! Oppionions Please


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My name is Timmy and i just joined the forum.

Looking for some great opinions and some suggestions also!

To not waste a post i am interested on so, opinions on a tattoo placement.

On my chest i have a Guardian angel (soldier look alike) with wings that go from shoulder to shoulder.

On my rib i have a cross with a banner wrapped around it with my mothers name and birth-death date on it along with wings.

My next tattoo idea is an octopus on my right shoulder, the tentacles would go onto my back, check and arm. Would this look odd with the wings and what not?

Look forward to responses.

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Hi, welcome to the forum!!

Most of the tentacles of the octopus would be headed down your arm towards your elbow, wouldn't they; with only one or two reaching onto your back and chest? If you choose a good tattooer I'm sure they will have ideas as to how to place them - who are you thinking of going to? I don't think it will look odd.

Do you have any pictures of your current tattoos? We'd love to see them!

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Maybe this will sound stupid, but why don't you try drawing on yourself (or have a friend draw it) with markers to see if it bugs you? In my defense, I have little kids and we draw on each other all the time. I do think the octopus sounds cool and I don't think seeing the tentacles near any other tattoos would bother me depending on how close they get. Also, at the moment I'm a tattoo virgin, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. :)

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