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New member here, looking to get a first tattoo. 44 years old, happily married. I'm a hardcore PC gamer, and wanted to get WASD on the fingers of my left hand. For those that don't know, WASD is the directional keys in most games, W forward, D right, S back, A left. I want the letters t look like keyboard keys, but I'm questioning the placement. W would be on the middle finger below the first knuckle, S on the middle finger below the second knuckle, A would have to be in the ring finger, but below the first knuckle, because I don't want it sitting under my wedding band. Which leaves the placement of D, obviously on the index finger, but under the first or second knuckle?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Welcome! You mention being happily married, but are you happily employed? Because getting your first tattoo on your hands/fingers is generally not recommended.

I would strongly suggest you get a different game related tattoo somewhere more concealable first, then progress to your hand at a later time.

That said, if you're set on getting this tattoo anyway, you need to make it so that the letters are readable to others, NOT yourself. So W and S are on your middle finger, A is on your index finger, and D is on your ring finger. This avoids the issue of any tattoos being under your ring also, as "A,S,D" can all be in a straight line along your fingers (below the first knuckle). Unfortunately this does mean that when your fingers are actually on the keys the A and D will be switched; I feel confident you'll still be able to figure out where the keys are though.

Again, I'd like to reiterate that fingers is a poor choice of placement for a first tattoo. You're an adult though, so do as you'd like. Just don't get the letters facing you because that's upside down.

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