Hello from Edmonton!

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Greetings all, just discovered this forum and figured it was about time I got back into the game! From Saskatchewan originally, been living in Edmonton for the past 12 years and have been on a bit of a hiatus tattoo-wise -- between 2002 and 2010 I got between 30-40 hours tattooed on my legs and chest, but then life got in the way and sadly (that's an understatement) I haven't had any work done in over five years. Well, 2016 is a new year and hopefully that is about to change!

Aside from a couple of small pieces I got at 18 my plan is to do a full pirate-themed suit. My chest was tattooed by Chris Iwaniuk from Lucky Strike Tattoo (back when he was still at Showdown) and my leg (in progress) is by the incomparable Steve Batt (also formerly at Showdown Tattoo in Edmonton, if anyone knows where he is now please let me know!). Will find the time to take some pictures and post them as soon as I can.



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YO what's up E-Town !

I'm pretty sure I've seen your tattoos online several years ago, recognize your user name haha!

I'm from Edmonton too...I just finished up final touch-ups on my backpiece with Steve and he's done about a third of my tattoo suit over the last decade+. Preaching to the choir man. :cool: Did you ever get tattooed by him at Capital Q ?

Haven't been tattooed by Chris, but have seen lots of his work around town in-person and got to watch him tattoo people on a few occassions. He's an ace edmonton dude too.

Welcome aboard, LST is a pretty rad place to hang. Cheers

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Testify! Probably from the old BME days? Wow that takes me back hahaha. I started getting tattooed by Steve at Capital Q, followed him to Showdown but haven't been able to track him down since, I wasn't even sure if he was still in town or not!

And your back piece is SICK, mad props dude!

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@SaskPirate yeah thx man! i'm pretty pumped and ready to throw all my shirts in the fire.

Also you can imagine how fast and hard Steve hit my back ;p

Damn, your leg is insane...I see the blues and water and I'm like yup Steve haha still gotta hit the backs of the knee yikes haha


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