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Advices, and introduction!


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Hi there, I'm Flied, from Asia! Got a few tattoos on my body already! :D

I have a question, regarding tattoo blowouts.

This is my first time encountering something like this, as much as I think it is a blowout already.. But I just want confirmation from the veterans in this field.


Image posted.



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I can see it.

Looks fine, and it looks like it just started flaking over, correct? It looks just like it should. Healing tattoos always look super fuckedup, because theres multiple layers of deadskin ontop of the actual tattoo, thats where you get that foggy black on the edges of the flakes.

Keep it clean and dont pick at it. It will heal just fine.

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Just got some shading done, used a brand called walter ritter numbing cream. The numbing cream came out fine initially, but towards the end of the tube some liquid came out, which we threw away. Wrapped it in clingwrap and after 1 hour 30 minutes when we removed the clingwrap. We noticed redness on the skin like in the picture above.


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