Deathly Hallows Ankle tattoo

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I was looking to get the deathly hallows symbol about the size of a quarter on my low ankle.


The question is:

I wrestle in college. Would I be able to wrestle on monday if I got it tonite (thursday)... Obviously you're supposed to wait, but I mean with the simplicity and size I thought that might play a factor. I have a few very large tattoos already and know how to care for them. I would cover it well while wrestling. Wash and tend to it appropriately.

Would getting it today and starting working out again monday cause it to look deformed or infected with those things considered? Or am I straight to get it today :1_grinning: ?


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You can do just about anything with that tattoo and it'll be fine. Won't hamper your abilities at all and as long as you wash it after you're done, it should be fine.

Your bigger concern should be how terribly tattoos age in that spot. Your socks and shoes will constantly be rubbing it, and within a year it'll probably be faded to almost nothing. Good application in that spot is difficult too, so if you get an inferior artist who doesn't do it properly, you're even more screwed. I would strongly suggest getting that almost anywhere else, even just moving it up higher on the ankle would help.

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It's up to you where it goes ultimately and how much you're prepared for touching up. Some people don't care and get whatever wherever, some people really want to factor in aging and make sure the tattoo looks good in years to come. I'm just saying to be prepared for that spot to not hold ink. I would ask the artist you're planning on going to where he thinks a viable location would be if you're trying to avoid fading.

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