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Hi everyone,

I just came across this place & it looks like i'll find plenty of good information here

I've been getting tattooed for half of my life but seem to go ages without getting any & then get lots within a few months, no regrets though!

Would love to be tattooed by Tiny Miss Becca & Jo Harrison, and love Neo Traditional, B&G, Realism & Watercolour

I guess that's it, hope to get to know people & learn plenty x

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Thanks both & sure, but they are not collector quality i'm afraid, and the back one I need to post elsewhere for opinions on whether to laser or add to it to 'complete' it

Got a neo traditional thigh booked & on Oddboy's waiting list for next year

Ribs & semi colon were done on the same day by an apprentice (yes, sorry, I wanted as ;) . . back is unfinished and i'm needing to decide whether to laser or add more Japanese themed flowers/animals, maybe a tiger . . . I want to keep it but lighten it up from anything new being added (it's a cover up of a cover up!) & make it more feminine, I just can't see how to do it!

Neko cat was a misunderstanding, I asked for a black & white cat with my skin tone being the white, took reference etc, she thought I meant black & grey, but I love it still & I haven't seen any other b&g by her, the leaves I just added to make it seem more done. I have a thing with b&g next to colour

Carpe Diem is crooked but it's not really something I notice & nobody ever said so, vines were added by the apprentice & the guy she apprenticed under suggested a different way, but we liked them as they are, so they may look wrong to artists!

Kitsune is my latest, I wanted him to wrap around the arm

Quote, sorry, I had to get it, very personal tho so won't share. Stuck it on my 'odds n sods' leg were my random daft ideas go lol

Would love tattoos by Tiny Miss Becca, Darren Clarke, Oddboy (on the list), Bez & Jordan Croke, they help me to feel better about my body & if I had the arms for it, i'd have a sleeve!










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