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  1. Just got the tops of both of mine done; they hurt until I got home but not badly at all . . . since then there's been no pain. You should be fine
  2. Pics to come, but just had a neo traditional outer thigh piece yesterday in memory of my cat & yep, another cat one today (pawprints & watercolour) over the top of both feet
  3. Well, i'd been curious about hand poked tattoos, but wanted this tiny one so went for a walk in & it just so happened that's how he did it 2 days in & I keep forgetting it's there! Done by Mike Love @ Black Market Tattoos in Leicester, great dude
  4. I'll just be wearing jogging bottoms for mine, they pull up all the way
  5. I only have one side done, so far & just a few hours, bet the other side will be the killer! I do have a health problem causing massive pain though so tattoos never get as bad as that, yet. I also have extra meat on the bones which must help a bit, tho not with the ankle! 4hrs is a good length of time lol I always think good job I don't want my throat done as i'd have to not talk I guess!
  6. Most painful for me was lower leg/achilles, easiest ribs then back tho back I could barely feel so hoping that stays the same as I continue it lol
  7. Don't trust them, they think that's a leg xd Seriously though, I think lasering & then a cover up would work, at least on the black? Ot have a blackout arm I guess (j/k, I don't know much about these)
  8. I'd love to see some! I've been getting tattooed for so long now I don't even notice them, tho a French speaking girl kept looking at my arm earlier but she didn't speak . . at least she didn't see my French quote xd I've not found anyone to make any comments or ask me anything but do they hurt, so you might not even have anyone bother you. I love the reply about if they embarrass the kids . . plus chances are the kids may be trying to get their own when old enough! I hope you will feel ok wearing your normal clothes, I almost always have my forearms bare so had them tattooed so I get to look at them lots, they usually just attract tattoo fans, never negativity . . fingers crossed they'll soon feel a part of you!
  9. Nush Turner, Black Market Tattoos, Leicester No meaning, other than I love Japanese Mythological creatures (tho don't like the tattooing style on me). I asked for it to wrap around the forearm. I asked for B&G with colour, it's a preference of mine at times, my ribs have that too Thigh booked next & on Oddboy's list for next year
  10. Thanks both & sure, but they are not collector quality i'm afraid, and the back one I need to post elsewhere for opinions on whether to laser or add to it to 'complete' it Got a neo traditional thigh booked & on Oddboy's waiting list for next year Ribs & semi colon were done on the same day by an apprentice (yes, sorry, I wanted as ;) . . back is unfinished and i'm needing to decide whether to laser or add more Japanese themed flowers/animals, maybe a tiger . . . I want to keep it but lighten it up from anything new being added (it's a cover up of a cover up!) & make it more feminine, I just can't see how to do it! Neko cat was a misunderstanding, I asked for a black & white cat with my skin tone being the white, took reference etc, she thought I meant black & grey, but I love it still & I haven't seen any other b&g by her, the leaves I just added to make it seem more done. I have a thing with b&g next to colour Carpe Diem is crooked but it's not really something I notice & nobody ever said so, vines were added by the apprentice & the guy she apprenticed under suggested a different way, but we liked them as they are, so they may look wrong to artists! Kitsune is my latest, I wanted him to wrap around the arm Quote, sorry, I had to get it, very personal tho so won't share. Stuck it on my 'odds n sods' leg were my random daft ideas go lol Would love tattoos by Tiny Miss Becca, Darren Clarke, Oddboy (on the list), Bez & Jordan Croke, they help me to feel better about my body & if I had the arms for it, i'd have a sleeve!
  11. I've just got my left forearm tattooed, before that I just had the inner right one done. I LOVE it, even more than the right side . . . the only trouble is i'm wanting to add more to the right side now!
  12. Hi everyone, I just came across this place & it looks like i'll find plenty of good information here I've been getting tattooed for half of my life but seem to go ages without getting any & then get lots within a few months, no regrets though! Would love to be tattooed by Tiny Miss Becca & Jo Harrison, and love Neo Traditional, B&G, Realism & Watercolour I guess that's it, hope to get to know people & learn plenty x