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So I get my first tattoo in a few weeks and I'm super excited but also very nervous at the same time. 3 weeks after my tattoo I go on holiday for 2 weeks which I know is not ideal but I'm already aware of things I need to do to protect my tattoo at such an early stage. Before I go on holiday I've always rented a sunbed to get my tan off to a very small start before I actually go away. So my question is this, is it alright to use a sunbed for 5 mins per day for about 10 days before I get my tattoo which is on my arm by the way, or should I stay completely clear? Thanks in advance :) 

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no problem with un-burnt but tanned skin while getting your tattoo. the important part is making sure the sun (and chlorine pool or other untreated water) stay off of it for at least that 1st couple of weeks after getting the tattoo. 

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Thanks for the advice! I intend to take more than enough precautions when on holiday, I will more than likely keep it covered and will try keep out of the pool at all costs. With it being my first tattoo I was just looking for some pointers, any more helpful info about the sunbed or helpful info in general would be more than welcomed! Thanks!

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The tattoo will still be ultra do not put any sun screen on it, it might irritate and infect. Just wrap a bandana over the tattoo to keep it protected from the sun if you're sun worshipping on holidays or in a tanning bed beforehand or whatever. Stay away from the chlorinated pools and hot tubs. Salt water ocean is actually great for healing but also depends on how clean the water/area you're staying in and how far along you are with the healing the tattoo. 

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    • One thing not to worry about is "being unique"....unless you or your artist just rips off another persons work, your tattoo will be unique. The classics are the classics for a reason. Have you considered a Battle Royale? A bit of a different take on the meanings but could be cool (do an internet search). Or if you are religious, maybe a Rock of Ages. I am throwing some classic ideas out just for fun.  What style are you considering?
    • Well i had that in mind actually, the problem is i can't find any good symbols that mirrors the words. 🤨

      Wisdon is easy = Owl.. 
      Truth, might be scale or something, but i think a scale is more of Justice.. 
      Honor, that' hard.. Maybe an animal, a Lion? 
      Compassion, hmmm a Rose? 
      Loyalty is hard to put into an image too.. :/ 
      Courage. that could actually be more like a symbol of mind because courage comes from sub-counciousness  :D 

      Oh. and the texts are not supposed to be in one big pile like in the picture i added. They will be split up, Honor, truth and loyalty will come near each other, 
      Compassion and wisdom are a pair, and Respect and courage a pair. 

      Or if im boring i will just list them on my back (joking) , because those texts or symbols to them are what i want. 
      They mean so much to me. There is always room ro fill in with something later. 
    • Hey thanks for de advice so far. 🙂

      I got an local artist here (im in Finland) we discussed this matter when i booked for the tattoo, and we will make plans before starting so the issue of "too much text" is known, she had some idea and was going to make a sketch for me. 
      I would've been worried if that topic wouldn't have came up here 😄
      I trust her professionalism (is that a word? 😄) 

      Someone said the image should resonate to me, and i totally agree. 🙂
      Fact is, asking someone "what tattoo should i get" should be answered -> None if you don't know what you want..

      I actually had an Eagle, Lion and a Wolf in mind, Just has to do the research of which one truly pictures my personality most.  Then again everybody has those, and i really would want something unique 🙂 

      Well see about the location, maybe it will be a full back tattoo, And hey, bring on all Roses and Rice 
      Thats why im asking questions here , none offence taken 🙂
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