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Raised spots on tat, could not post in advice forum!


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For some reason my phone was not allowing me to click on any other forum besides this one! If anyone knows how I can move it, let me know.

Anyways, I had tattoo work done about 2 months ago, and there are some spots in the orange flowers that have bumps in them, in same color as the flowers/ink. They don't hurt or itch much, and occasionally I think I see some scabbing but not quite sure. I'm hoping this is normal and we'll just go away, luckily it doesn't look bad, I guess I'm just worrying as usual. Thoughts? My pics won't load, ugh. I have another appointment in December to finish up the rest of the tattoo, and the rest of it is flat. Thank you

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I had bumps on some of the red on my feet that remained tender for 3 months - rest of the tattoo healed perfectly in a couple weeks but the red refused to heal.

Ended up using steroid cream on it and cleared up after a couple weeks. Has been perfect since.

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