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What do you guys think about half tribal sleeve with the rest Japanese style


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I've had this Japanese style tiger and dragon covering the front and back of my left forearm ending at my elbow and I want to get some tribal started going from my elbow up and connecting to my chest like one Roman reigns has its dope & I pretty much have a full sleeve on my other arm so I couldn't fill anything more /; any thoughts or advice ?

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2 hours ago, Dope said:

Yeah you right thanks& I've always thought you had to be Japanese to get it or you have to be samoan/islanders to get these tribal tatts done &I'm neither btw 

I have some Japanese, some traditional, some Marquesas tribal, and a bunch of other work, I'm a F***ing mess of different styles and color and B&G,

and that all works just fine for me.

oh ! and I'm a white boy. LOL


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