What do you guys think about half tribal sleeve with the rest Japanese style

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I've had this Japanese style tiger and dragon covering the front and back of my left forearm ending at my elbow and I want to get some tribal started going from my elbow up and connecting to my chest like one Roman reigns has its dope & I pretty much have a full sleeve on my other arm so I couldn't fill anything more /; any thoughts or advice ?

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2 hours ago, Dope said:

Yeah you right thanks& I've always thought you had to be Japanese to get it or you have to be samoan/islanders to get these tribal tatts done &I'm neither btw 

I have some Japanese, some traditional, some Marquesas tribal, and a bunch of other work, I'm a F***ing mess of different styles and color and B&G,

and that all works just fine for me.

oh ! and I'm a white boy. LOL


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    • I reckon the instant gratification mindset of the younger generation probably plays a part. They see something, they want something, they get something. After that, they probably realise it wasn't how they envisioned it to turn out. And, lo and behold, it ain't like the latest fashion statement or fad where you can just purchase the latest model, use it once and relegate it to the back of your storeroom until the next spring cleaning either lands it in the rubbish dump, the salvation army donation box, or a garage sale. Imo, that mindset does not go with tattoos unless we are referring to the the temporary kind. Plus, let's not forget all the "role models" who make it cool to have tattoos on their face, neck, hands, knuckles just for the sake of being a cool kid. Wasn't that the argument given for all the young guns taking up smoking (decades ago)? Then again, there are also those for whom the above does not apply wherein it is more about adaptation than anything else.  
    • As everyone mentioned, all that dark black that's freaking you out right now will get lighter in time. If it is any consolation, that's the absolute darkest it will ever get. Furthermore, it's early days yet and you won't really know what the end product is like until all the healing is done and dusted. Plus, it takes our minds some time to get used to any major changes to our bodies, including large tattoos (especially on highly visible areas). If you look around the forums, you will find that this is quite common. A little advice: don't make any hasty decisions, don't panic, and breathe. There will always be haters and everyone has their own opinion. With or without tattoos, you will be judged. It is inevitable. End of the day, it's your body, it's your tattoo and the only one who gets any say at all would be you. A tattoo, visible or otherwise, does not change who you are. And honestly, if someone is gonna judge you differently due to a kick-ass tattoo has some, imo, serious issues and biases. But that's on them, not you. Cheers!
    • It’s on the top of my forearm, the top side of my palm side. It’s weird as it didn’t react straight away.    I am not a tattoo vet so I am a little worried, it doesn’t hurt and I’ve had no symptoms of it was an infection. No puss, no illness etc. it just seems to dry up peel and dry up and peel over a few days.    In short I’m having a sleeve so back every 2-3 weeks when a slot is open. My artist isn’t worried about it and wants to wait it out, as I’m back so often I haven’t had time to go for a check up and as I’ve not been poorly I didn’t feel the need? Should I? 
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