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Hello! New but have a question


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Hello everyone! 

New to the forums and looking forward to conversing with you all. I have a mix of different tattoo styles on my body but had a specific question about neo-traditional/japanese. I have been into realism since the beginning and I now have a better "trained eye" so to speak. I know what to look for and know small little red flags now. However, I know nothing about traditional/neo-trad/oriental tattoos and i'm not sure what makes a tattoo artist "great" in this style. I looked through the forums and didn't find an answer so I'm hoping someone can help educate me on what to look out for. I'm also in NYC so if anyone has any recommendations of artists around this area, it would be much appreciated!


Thank you!

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55 minutes ago, barryallenspeed said:

In ny they have a guy named bang bang I heard he’s pretty good 

1) flash is top 3 superheroes in my book 

2) No disrespect intended but I refuse to go to bang bang due to their price. They are definitely talented though

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