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  1. @Mick Weder I'm not that advanced yet but I'm sure I'll get there. For now I just shiver in a corner, clinging to the bottle.
  2. Pre tattoo I try to get a good nights sleep. Post tattoo I get a cold (used to be beer but people on this site changed my mind, it just sounded soo good (and it was)) cider, some greasy food (must have melted cheese in it) and a two hour nap to get rid of the slight fever I always get.
  3. Thanks! So many cool artist, got myself a few new favorites @CShaw König is amazing! I'm not even that far away, might have to make a trip south next summer :) @Pugilist It does make sense, I think one views almost everything differently when one becomes aware of...well, how the world is at the moment and maybe how one would like to see it changed. And Virginia Elwoods art is insane, thanks for informing about her.
  4. @purplelace Haha, never been close to falling asleep, I'm super alert and aware during a session :) I read a new members intro thread where this someone said that they preferred a female artist because they worked in a male dominated field and wanted to support fellow females. I can kind of relate, I work in an extremely male dominated line of work (computer networks) and I was now wondering who everybody favorite female artist were. Give me some lists :) Wendy Pham & Valerie Vargas is kind of a given. I also really like this woman in Sweden, Kajsa, who works at Red Rose Tattoo in Gothenburg, instagram.
  5. Got this from Horimatsu in October. It was a great experience, he is such an awesome dude with some pretty cool stories to tell. Also I got this cattoo on a caturday so I kind of won the internet that day :D edit: can't figure out why the picture is all wonky but if one clicks it again for full size it looks like it is supposed to... edit2: oh, and it's located on the outside of the calf.
  6. Rawok


  7. @kelzu thanks! @purplelace Awesome, I <3 <3 Dr Who! You have to post pics on the finished project later on :) Oh, and I really like that hat, so cute!
  8. Just got a purrdy bird from Brent McKenzie, picture stolen from his instagram About 7-ish hours divided on two sessions. So happy but damn the thigh hurted like hell, I was a complete baby about it.
  9. Rawok


    Brent McKenzie
  10. @kelzu, socks are the best, love those small projects where you get done quickly. Had an idea of some really long leg warmers for the winter and thought 'Hey, surely I can improvise a pattern!' ... They turned out way too big, did'nt take the hole "knitted stuff stretches with use" thing into account. *rage*
  11. Totally agree on post tattoo cider ritual, it's awesome. I just finished a tattoo on my thigh and my artist gave me a new after care product to try, pretty weird name but kind of amazing stuff. It's kind of "runny" so easy to apply, almost no scent and I'm digging it so far (only been two days). Sativa salve:
  12. Thanks @SeaSea I managed to get them done in time for gifting :) @growltiger Those are all awesome! I really dig the little Cthulhu. Have you ever “yarned” something in a public space? We were a group that “vandalized” a few ugly things and almost everyone responds great to it, I realize it’s illegal but seems pretty minor since it’s extremely easy to get rid of. @OnyxRose Please post some progress pics! I just bought a ... um, can't seem to find the word but the wooden thingy one uses to spin, and a bunch of wool, so excited to start! :) Do you have any tips or maybe some website with good instructions?
  13. Could'nt find any knitting thread so here it goes :) I thought we could (provided there are any nerdy knitters here) share photos of ongoing and finished projects, patterns, useful tips and rant about things going wrong and frogged projects, or maybe ones severe case of SSS (single sock syndrom). It would be nice if everyone started of with a little introduction. I'll try to start. My grandmother tought me to knit and crochet when I was about ten and I've been doing it on and off for about 20-ish years. Still learning new techniques tho. My favorite material is wool and right now on my needles I have a pair of wristwarmers that have to be ready by saturday since it is a birthday present. They are done in two colours and the figure (called Hattifnattar) is from the finnish childrens story Mumin. I have redone them twice already and finally wrote my own pattern since they came out HUGE. Also, if there are any ravelers (ravelry.com) here, feel free to look me up there. :) And if you have a favorite podcast about knitting, please share! I really enjoy knit.fm. and I'm going to try out Knitmore Girls.
  14. Never heard of a tattoo raffle before, I imagine it's kind of unusual?
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