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  1. Get a few laser sessions and lighten it up first, opens up so many more
  2. I was in the Army and we definitely had to know our Unit's and branch's history. But I also think it depends on the unit you are in, the Corps is much small than the Army, and there are so many different units in the Army. I always identified with the division I was in (First Armored, First Cav, 3rd ID). But you are right, I always said the Army would be better off if there was a more emphasis placed on Army history and Esprit De Corps like they do in the Marines. Not to mention changing our dress uniforms every 10 years. - - - Updated - - - Sorry you had such a horrible time, I totall
  3. As they say now days: this made me lol
  4. Id avoid the face scarification.... although it does look so bad ass
  5. Yeah, I'm sure there is considering how tribal Africa was for so long. I know scarification and other forms of body modification/art Africa is known for but I don't think of tattoos.
  6. Check out falco4758 if you havent already, he is a member here and has some amazing animal themed tattoos. Not sure if its quite African, but I just think of the safari when I see his work. Im a scottish-mutt-yank, so i have no idea what tattoos are traditional to Africa. I am sure there is, considering its the birthplace of mankind... Ill be interested to see what you get.
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    Hi all

    Theres worse things to be addicted to :D
  8. I think thats an African Elephant... but I don't know, maybe it is, Ive never seen either in real life. Awesome work though, you must be very happy.
  9. if the shading is there to cover something else up... is the shading preferable to whatever its covering? Not sure I have any answers for you, Looks like the artists went pretty hard on the edges of the owl. Maybe some color will make it pop some more, but I have a tattoo on my foot and it has faded a lot on its own and I never went back to it, I just don't think ink holds well on the foot IMHO. I'd leave it alone and move on.
  10. I was going to say my dog dying (its ok she was 16), doing finals for my MBA program, and getting a sleeve lasered/redone.... But after reading some of these I realize all that shit is nothing compared to what some are going through, I will have my entire family around me this holiday season and they are all healthy and I need to thank my damn lucky stars for that. I hope you all have a great holiday/christmashunukakwanzaka or whatever you celebrate, and find some blissful happiness this season.
  11. What are you thinking of getting Marley?
  12. Had another laser session on this bad boy the other day. Fuck, that sucks... a lot. But, you do the crime, gotta do the time.
  13. I made a similar mistake, thought I could make up my own design for a sleeve and not just go with a theme and pick a good artist to do what they do best. I am not an artist, wouldn't expect an artist to come do my job. It sucks, but luckily there are forums like this (wish I knew about this when I was 20) and options now days. It will take time. Your in a much better boat than me, good luck. I like that dragon though BTW
  14. like a lot of people, I didnt think it was possible to remove a tattoo or lighten it. I saw some video, and used google. Went to a med spa type place. Your right and on to something with your business: Those of us that love tattoos are treated like pariahs at a lot of these places that don't care about our overall goals. Nor do they understand/care about tattoos or the industry (imho). So I guess the only thing I looked for, not knowing much about how removal worked, was cleanliness. That, and professionalism. shooting a quarter million dollar laser into my skin? you have to convince me
  15. ^ this. Sums it up. Luckily my mom loves my tattoos, but she loves them because they are on me. Even though I know deep down she doesn't approve, it doesn't matter really in the grand scheme of things. Life's short man, and bickering or avoiding your family over tattoos is a waste of precious time with them.
  16. That's a long time in a metal tube. I felt clostraphobic after about 30 mins in an MRAP. Nice ink though, I dig it.
  17. Ks706


    How do you feel about the overall wear and tear minimalist have on your legs. I'm toying with going back to them. A lot of conflicting info out there on the safety of bf running. It took me about 6 months to build up to it, but my run times were exceptionally lower in minimalists.
  18. I couldn't find this thread so I started one. I remember a crusty old 1st Sergeant telling me that Army tattoos are only cool when your out. Either way we all know ink and the military have a history together. Soldier's cross, St. Micheal, Globe and Anchor. You get the Idea. I have a lame US ARMY on my shoulder (whatever). I rarely see any cool Military theme tattoos. Anyone out there got some really cool stuff from their time in the service? What about some shitty stuff you got when you were a private and went to the closest parlor off base? I have seen some just ridiculous stuff
  19. Ks706


    I have been running on Minimalist for the past year, usually around 15-20 miles a week and did a few half marathons in them. I recently weened myself off them and switched to some Asics. My run times are a lot slower (Minimalist are like grease lighting man) but I think my 40 year old self will thank me for the switch one day. Knees feel a lot better now. If you wanted to go Minimalist, I suggest looking at a pair of Merrells the worked great for me.
  20. I've had several laser treatment to lighten a 3/4 sleeve and have had 0 scarring, these too good to be true creams and formulas are just praying on people. That persons arm is now completely ruined for life, I'd much rather have a shitty tattoo than acid burns. Lasers done by someone who knows what the are doing are very effective, safe, and the only way to go imho
  21. I'm not a lawyer, but I would think there is some criminal liability for doing this to a person....
  22. I have to agree with Marley, it ain't that bad, you can rock that hard. Left a lot of room for an open sky behind the trees, get an artist to do some night sky
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