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  1. They probably have something they put up for tattooing "exposed areas" that would require taking off an uncomfortable amount of clothing - most often drapes or a movable screen. A whole lot of the tattoo community is SUPER non-judgmental. I don't think you're going to run into an actual problem. You're in your head about it. The tattoo is going to be cool, and you're going to have a good time getting it and maybe some day you'll enjoy taking your shirt off!
  2. This side is kind of "done" because Tomas's dots cap it all off. The other side feels empty.
  3. I have most of my upper arm done with tattoos that have the same theme, but not much to do with each other stylistically. I have the Tomas Garcia dots (color tribalism?) topping off my shoulder, but I still have gaps, and I still want to "finish" it into a "half sleeve" even though it isn't composed as one. There is one more spot that's palm sized on my inner bicep, and a lot of fill in stuff. Should I have one artist do the last spot plus the fill in? How does this usually go?
  4. Hail autocorrect OP - of course we are all probably going to die, but not of acne or tattoos, or tattoos on acne scars!
  5. Please have an in death conversation with your artist. Acne and keliods are often related, and it is possible to make scarring worse. My son has been tattooed successfully, but he's not gone over many of his worst scars yet for exactly that reason. Anybody who will take the time to speak to you about the scars will not judge you for them.
  6. Some artists won't do a tattoo while you're on the medicine. It is possible a test spot could be done to see how it works if you absolutely can't wait, but you don't NEED to have a tattoo done right now, do you? You really don't want to wind up with a problem tattoo that drops ink, or a keliod making the scarring even worse. Where are you going abroad? Most (maybe all, but some are still clandestine) countries have tattoo shops.
  7. Yeah, assholes don't tattoo me. I'd rather have a good day with a cool person than put up with that. Every artist has been different, it is true, but I've never made it past the initial email / call to the shop / walk in phase with a total prick (and I've met them.) If you can't deal with human customers, go art on something that doesn't think and breathe. Lord knows there are more than enough media that don't have feelings.
  8. In the hair? It looks like normal peeling to me. Try not to pull those larger parts off. You could take ink out with them.
  9. Aw, but it is such a good tattoo. Why did you like the design in the first place? Can you get back there? Let it sit. Wear long sleeves for a while. Don't rush into another decision that may not help.
  10. Full exposure is a no go for me. I only have tattoos that I can cover with ordinary business clothes. Spend the money for really great tattoos in such a highly visible spot. Russ Abbott has done some stunning neck stuff.
  11. We did. We went to see the chocolate castle. It was insanely busy so close to Easter. We are actually still here this AM.
  12. I am so over the moon with this tattoo 😍 Tomas Garcia Old Soul Cannonsburg PA
  13. Same reason I tried to get him to eat seafood. He hated it 15 years ago, to the point where I couldn't really cook it at home. Now he asks to go out for raw oysters, and he's picked out the fish we're cooking at the house all year. Sometimes we encourage each other to grow, try new things, change thinking we've carried without understanding for years, etc. We trust each other.
  14. No grit, no pearl filler by Nick Kohlmeier @ Permanent Vacation Tattoo. A little SG I picked up in Kansas City before a U2 concert. (on my U2 arm, 'a red guitar, on fire, desire') Matching Navy tattoos with my son (he's a submariner). Mine is black & gray, his is color. By Nick Kohlmeier @ Permanent Vacation Tattoo.
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