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  1. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    No grit, no pearl filler by Nick Kohlmeier @ Permanent Vacation Tattoo. A little SG I picked up in Kansas City before a U2 concert. (on my U2 arm, 'a red guitar, on fire, desire') Matching Navy tattoos with my son (he's a submariner). Mine is black & gray, his is color. By Nick Kohlmeier @ Permanent Vacation Tattoo.
  2. Walk ins

    As long as it is a 'street shop' that does walk ins, yes, you literally walk in. Generally most or all of the artists in house have times when they have a gap in their schedule and pick up a walk in or two, so you can score! It isn't a game for 'lesser' artists around here. Typically you give your idea to the counter person, who can help match you up with the right artist, or show you a portfolio/flash sheet from the artist he's got in mind. If you have no idea, check out the art on the wall, or on the artist's pin boards. They often have pieces they want to do on hand that they've drawn up during down time.
  3. Can I ask my artist to draw something up?

    My drawing ability is stick figures. Thank goodness tattoo artists are artists! I've supplied some reference before, like a picture of a specific flower, or a picture of my grandma, but my MOST favorite part of getting tattooed is watching the artist turn my idea into a picture.
  4. DEATH

    I teach wildlife ID classes, and I have a lot of dead animals around the house. I display a horse skull, which is so beloved that I also have it in tattoo form. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness in my 30s, and my whole attitude about life and death was deeply changed. I started getting tattoos, saying yes to experiences as they unfold, and saving a little less for retirement. The only thing I know for sure about my own passing is that I do not want freaking PANTS!
  5. New tattoo

    It looks good. At six days, mine are unwrapped, getting plain lotion, and starting to peel. Lines peel differently than fields of color for me. You may not notice it if you are keeping the area clean, it may just peel off in the shower.
  6. Need reassurance lol

    It will never look exactly like it did when it was an open wound. Your skin is healing over the ink, so you'll always look through a layer of yourself. That's what is supposed to happen, and it is a good thing. There can be some ugly / concerning / itchy phases getting there though!
  7. Tattoo placement

    I've asked to have stencils moved before. I did not, with my second tattoo, and the placement of it is not exactly what I wanted. All of the tattoos that followed on my left leg are shifted off to the left a bit because of the placement of that one tattoo. Lesson learned! That's the only time you get to move it if you don't like it.
  8. Desert rose. William Kasper when he was still in MO.
  9. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Is this gonna be the "cute" page? Pls post more
  10. Thigh tattoo for a man and Tupac tattoo for it

    Just his face and doo rag - a very iconic and readable image, and a great size for a thigh.
  11. It is going to move when you move. If you stand exactly the way you were standing when the stencil was put on, it will look exactly straight. This is going to change as you age and as your body changes shape in general. If it bothers you enough in the years to come, put some more organic shapes around it. Organic shapes are more forgiving on our bumpy, curvy, changeable bodies.
  12. Hey guys! Looking for some insight.

    We have a kind of West Coast version. Some artists in the PNW and LA are doing larger abstract placement, but the drawing style is still more realistic. Any artist can do a guest spot. If you have a favorite, watch their socials closely for announcements.
  13. Hi

    It's a bendy place with thin skin. I personally wouldn't put something as structured as text in that spot, but yours is NOT bad. It will spread out over time to some extent. Don't freak out. That's just what tattoos do. I don't have any perfect tattoos if you REALLY zoom in on them, but only very very rarely is anyone that close to my tattooed skin. The best way to distract the eye is more tattoos :)
  14. Worried about translation quality

    True story, a very good artist will take care of you. You are probably paying thousands for that much coverage from a top tier guy, and he knows what he's doing. Trust him. It is, like, his job. It is totally normal to say who you are excited to have a appointment with, and who has done your work. That word of mouth advertisement is their most powerful marketing. Some top guys don't even use Instagram. They are just known. I don't know if the color change in the text will show up, and you don't need all three slogans. You could really make the point with no text - you have powerful images already. That is what I'd edit, because it will get lost first.
  15. Worried about translation quality

    My plain old ordinary artists do their own art work. I can't imagine taking a stencil on to a top tattooer. I can't imagine a top tattooer accepting a stencil.