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  1. How's Wilma!!? Lol!

  2. Hey! I'm at three kings til Sunday, swing by!

  3. I appreciate that you looked!! And ps I'm doing an owl tmrw

  4. I'd love to!

  5. What a blast! Add me on facebook!

  6. You guys rule!

  7. Whoa! Timing is impeccable!

  8. Hi guys! Hope the web biz isn't stressing you guys out too much. I wanted to mention - there should be a feature tha tyou cn organize your photos in their galleries into what order you'd like them in. I almost threw a full on hissy fit today when I tried uploading them in every freaking which way possible to get them to show up in a chronological order of progress, and had no way of doing it. Same with the tattoo galleries -- you can't have a before/after shot intentionally fall one after the other. Anyway. Hope that you can use the suggestions!

  9. Hey! It would be a lot of fun to do another ugly bird like those vultures, or a lady head is always my number one favourite. You let me knokw!!!

  10. Not sure, but I'll post here for sure if I am!

  11. I'm in CA for Musink, with an additional day at Sid's! And I just added to my LST portfolio but it's the same thing on my website :-)

  12. Hey Ross! Hope you're well! Not long until we can have a real life hello! Liking forward to seeing your projects in brighton

  13. Border brothers,

  14. Hey Seth! Thanks for all the machines over the years! I've got three of your machines and one was a kit, first machine I built with my mentor. I still use it every day. Thanks for everything.

  15. Chyea!!!! I like this site a lot, too. It's hard though - if I don't check in for a few days or up to a week, I feel like I lose touch with the forums. Just need more time to sit around and internerd.

  16. Hi Dari!!! Sorry for the long period of time between correspondance. The shirt medium is great, in women's. Thank you so much. You rule. And yeah, I posted my address in the forum I believe and sent it to you privately as well!

  17. Hi homey!! Can you send a men's small or a ladies medium?

  18. Shit! Another RH Wells flash on a walk in! How exciting!!!!

  19. That's hilarious that you didn't even see my message befor eyou hit me up!!! Wow! It was meant to be.

  20. O HAI RON. When the hell are you getting around to working here @ our shop in Toronto?! We're excited to have you! And a kid the other day was talking about your stuff and asked us to call if you did in fact schedule a trip in the future...

    You got love in Canada!

  21. Yeah... but the old guys deserve to just be listened to. Theyve already heard everything us young stupid kids have had to say about 10x over. :-)

  22. Here's something mind blowing... I actually won over the un-win-over-able rob silva!

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