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  1. So, in general underboob tattooing is cool? My only concern is future sagginess.
  2. My newest, I call him my Paleolithic pony. My back is to be dedicated to important events in human culture, and he's the first.
  3. Maybe. I would like to have a representation scene from some 30,000 year old cave art paintings. I'm not even sure what style to call it. Paleolithic, I guess. But I can see it easily translating into a really bad tattoo. Any suggestions at all for who or what or how to do this? Sorry for all the pics, and thanks very much in advance for any thoughts!
  4. Yeah, it was totally a "I'm actually conquering this" feeling. WANT MORE.
  5. Yes, I do. I anticipated it being terrible, but honestly I am so accustomed to being in pain 24/7, that it wasn't bad at all. Just the few real tender areas. Lastly, I have not noticed any issues during healing or afterwards.
  6. I suppose a better strategy might be to seek an academic with expertise on a certain culture. More comprehensive, but limited.
  7. Hmm. What I meant was literally the origin of tattooing. Before you could walk into a shop and get something done by a guy with a tattoo machine. I doubt he'd be able to tell me about Maori rituals and show me what they looked like, and I won't take his word for gospel even if he did. I don't see why learning about history from a university is a bad idea, since I'll never be able to visit all those places to ask people there how it all went down.
  8. Has anyone ever heard of something like this? I know there are some books out there. This is what I spend spring break thinking about, apparently...
  9. I think this is my favorite lady arm, with the lacey bit at the sleeves. Yes, please. http://tattooton.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/arm-tattoos-For-girls-5.jpg
  10. I'm really glad I read this thread. I have 2 day old piece that I've been criticizing and been feeling a little weird about, even though I know it's not logical. I think some of that is because I don't have plans for the next one. Woe is me.
  11. Here's my new piece after a couple hours. It looks much calmer already but the knuckle marks in this picture are making me laugh. It's B&G, I just bruise like crazy.
  12. Vaas


    Thank you. It's just REALLY fresh and bruised, and I didn't want to give the work and artist a bad vibe or anything! - - - Updated - - - That's a great idea about the henna! I'm not in a hurry for hands, I've got plenty other spots I can do first. - - - Updated - - - I'm cracking up cause it looks like she got in a fistfight. That's all straight up bruising, no red ink.
  13. Vaas


    It's bad form to post a unhealed tattoo pic, correct?
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