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  1. I remember those videos. I remember my favorite was Mouse by Girl/Chocolate and Rodney Mullen Vs Daewon Song round 1 Rodney's part with the Doors song "strange" blew my fucking mind seeing him do all those oddball tricks. I also had the 411 here they went to Hawaii and also 411 #4 where Bam Margera was 14 years old and was still an AM and less of a douche. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Ya i definitly understand. Good point. I didnt really think about how it could be considered the techincal stuff but that makes sense. No offense taken, I will ask around my to my friends who tattoo and travel. Thanks for the heads up. And to any moderators on here my bad i didnt mean to post something too close to being considered technical. Much respect.
  3. i tried looking through past posts to see if i can have my question answered before posting. Saw a few things but nothing too specific so sorry if i missed it. So, i am traveling to guest spot for the first time in my career. Im riding by car at first with some friends from Oakland to Phoenix arizona for Oakland A's spring training for the weekend. After the weekend they are driving back but I am taking a shuttle to Prescott, AZ to guest spot at my friends shop for a week. I will be flying back from Phoenix to San Francisco which is only about a 2 hour flight but i have heard some horror
  4. i have been called a "tattoo snob" or "cool guy tattoo artist" just because i shot down peoples ideas of the dumb ass shit they wanted to get. Not trying to be a dick or anything just doing my job as the artist to save the client from themselves. One particular case was when someone (who was apparantly a pimp) asked me to do a naked "hoe bitch" on an upper scale hotel bed smoking a pizo (meth pipe). Not only was he super upset and vugar when i said i wouldnt do it he was also upset that i wouldnt have done it for super cheap. He'll thank me later if he ever lives long enough to not me put
  5. next week im going to go down to Death Before Dishonor Tattoo in San Jose to talk to the homie Paco Excel about tattooing my other hand. We talked briefly at our friends wedding about my idea for my full back piece i want him to do but i dont want to jump into that until I am fully able to commit to that (time and money stability) so I figure I'll start with something small until I am ready for the big project.
  6. awwww fuck i was NOT ready to see all that. I mean his first shit after getting that.....like how? Im sure it wont be any more painful than the tattoo itself but dry wiping it when you finish? Getting poop smears on the open healing wound? Thats a garunteed infection right? And the tattoo artists doing the tattoo look like theyre having waaaaay too much fun. I hope for their sake they charged that dude UP THE ASS!!!! (see what i did there?)
  7. what shops are you guys at?
  8. My friend Matt let me borrow his copy of Iron Will. Jesus Christ it is nothing short of amazing! Grime's style is so original and intense and this book is just filled cover to cover with some of the best tattoos i have seen. I dont want to give Matt his book back but when i do I will definity cough up the cash to buy my own copy because it is WELL worth it.
  9. Tattoo Age is the absolute best series out there about tattoos. I keep finding myself checking the website almost daily to see if a new video has been posted yet like i kid running to the fireplace on christmas morning to see what ole santy clause brought them. I think the Grime and Freddy Corbin ones are my favorite so far but that just might be a bias desicion since i am from the bay area. Theyre all fucking awesome though. I can watch them over and over again and never be bored of it. I watched the Mike Rubendall ones the other night before going to bed. Its refreshing to see something
  10. I hate this show although i do respect Oliver Peck a whole lot. I am convinced that Dave Navarro is a genuine bearded lady which solidifies the fact that if he isnt on stage with his band he has more of a place in a circus freak show than hosting (AND JUDGING) a tattoo show on TV. But like @fourtotheflush mentioned its so bad its hard to look away.
  11. My foot hurt pretty god damn bad. I have a real boney ass foot and i can feel it go over every bone and tendon and as if the tattoo process wasnt painfull enough trying to walk the two blocks to my car with my foot swollen up like a coffee can was even worse. Well worth it though.
  12. Just got my foot tattooed by Devon Blood at Sacred Tattoo in Oakland last week. Just let him do his thing. He freehanded a gnarly skull with an eyeball popping out and some flames and blood and a tounge in is unique style. Lovin it.
  13. oh ya where you at @hogg? - - - Updated - - - @gougetheeyes yes i love this website and i love being able to tattoo in oakland, a city so rich in culture and with so much talent history and inspiration in and out of the tattoo scene.
  14. my name is ben verhoek. i tattoo at amor eterno tattoo and at space in east oakland, ca. i have been tattooing for 4 years and some change and love every minute of it. i am eager to do everything in my power to learn more about every aspect of tattooing and grow as an artist every day.
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