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  1. Thanks guys, sorry for the crappy picture. Still have to knock out the rest of the scales on the dragon, then time for shading. The inside of the butt cheek and upper inner thigh was an experience, I'll just leave it at that hahahaha @Graeme Good luck to you when you start yours! haha
  2. We finished the lining last night, but I'm over there Alot, at least once every couple weeks.
  3. Rock of ages with a dragon added in! I'll probably post a picture on instagram after all the lining is done to see!
  4. Started my back with Aaron Coleman last weekend.....shit hurts so bad haha. Got through 4 hours of lining the back and butt, next session lining the thighs and hopefully some background.
  5. Come to Arizona on the 4th weekend for the Prescott convention, Immaculate crew, Koeplinger, Danny Reed, etc etc Here's the line up NAZTF Artists
  6. Never posted this here, Kevin Leary Family Tattoo, Chicago.
  7. by Aaron Coleman
  8. Yeah that's Jason, and Aaron Coleman did his I believe.
  9. Of course! Thank you everyone!
  10. Oak Lawn, near Chicago Ridge, southwest side
  11. Well I am originally from Chicago...I could probably last a few minutes!
  12. Aaron Coleman, three sessions.
  13. Guess I'll post this in here since I never have yet. Cover up by Aaron Coleman, Immaculate Tattoo.
  14. EDIT: Nevermind, didn't see in the post Sylvia did do it. Looks super good!