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  1. Those of you who follow Lee M Knight have probably already seen this one I got from him a few weeks back but here it is anyway. Done at Cult Classic Tattoo on my trip to England. Was a ripper bloke to get tattooed by and he went out of his way to make this tattoo happen!
  2. Got this from Rich Hardy. Zeis redo from the 50s.
  3. Got this one from Stevie Edge to top a good week of getting tattooed.
  4. Ordered the three volumes today. $99 for shipping to Australia really stings but meh, I want them!
  5. Hey guys, I'm going to be in London June/July. Other than FST, can anyone recommend any other tattoo shops I should check out? Preferably traditional styles. Also, they don't necessarily have to be in London, surrounding areas work too. Thanks!!
  6. here's my new snake on my lower leg by Bailey Robinson. Taken from his insta, best photo I have at the moment.
  7. Bailey Hunter Robinson in April on his first trip to Australia! Didn't think I would be able to get tattooed by him until I made a trip back to NY so this is the best!!
  8. @motsimus are you getting tattooed by Bailey?
  9. This is mine from Fergus Simms. Legit one of the best people to get a tattoo from.
  10. What did you get? I was his first appt in Melb and the very next guy cancelled so I stayed and got another! Also got tattooed by Bert Krak a week later!
  11. Rich Hardy at the start of November followed by a trip to NYC the next week. I have two days completely free which I think will be walk in days at Smith st. Should I take the walk in punt or make a call and organise something?
  12. Spontaneous one from Fergus Simms. My fourth by him.
  13. People will ask me what my next tattoo is and I tell them I plan to go to Smith St. in NY in November to get tattooed by the four guys there who do the same style as what I have been getting. The first response I get is, "oh is that New York ink?"... No it's Smith st!! I have even been asked if I was going to Miami Ink after I have told them I will be in New York getting tattooed!
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