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Status Updates posted by Tight-Lines

  1. I DEACTIVATED my facebook. Im trying to spend a few weeks without it do decide what I want to do.

    Iunno. We shall see. Ill probably have it back in a few days honestly.

  2. Just finished eating about four tomatos.

    Thank you so much. Ill have the best sandwiches in Alameda county the rest of the week!

  3. Thanks again for tonight Steve!

    Take care buddy.

  4. You going to American Steel @ The Uptown on Sept. 24th?

  5. Please dont go anywhere...

  6. I think I sent ya a google + invite. Let me know if you get an email from google about this thing

    sorry about my grammer. im hungover in bed with my cat.

  7. Hello buddy,

    My pal just moved to Oklahoma a few months ago and is wanting to get quality work done. Do you know any good shops i can recommend him around the Tulsa/Oklahoma city area?


    Dan. C

  8. Hahaha. Thanks. I had too much fun with that.

  9. Nice meeting you as well. I'm really. Happy that my night didn't end with a skateboard in the face.

  10. Just random talks at shows. Nothing major. Ive been so busy at work I have pretty much removed myself from the scene the last four years.

  11. Tell Jackson that the Sheer Terror pictures are awesome.

    Always count on him for the best shots. His beard is getting more awesome.

  12. Is that not the best picture of Rollins ever?

  13. Those sparrow icons are classy man...

  14. I think we were talking about Jason Lee skate days... I found these videos. So awesome. Plus, he is apparently doing a new show on Adult Swim where he will be playing a ex-skater who has just woken up from a coma from a bad skate fall. Should be good.

  15. Its all good. I shall accept.

  16. Checked out your blog. Nice MLIW track... Bringin' it back to... 2002?

  17. I work on Tuesdays and Sundays both in Oakland... Im pretty much free all the other days. Just let me know!

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