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  1. sorry for being silly and not getting your sarcasm earlier!

  2. a bat! i'm going to Pinnacles National Monument in a few weeks, and hopefully will be catching a glimpse of some of these little dudes. they're known as the Townsend's Big Eared Bat.

  3. MsRad

    that puppy in your avatar is adorable!

  4. glad to hear! 9-11 was scary for me and i live all the way on the opposite coast! but where i grew up we have a large area with military ammunition bunkers, and many people thought the third plane was headed for it. and the fbi came to my father's work after finding a list and seeing that it was the top target in this area, had the terrorists decided to head further west. it's still one of the scariest, and most vivid, memories of my adolescence. but i'm glad your ok, and that your dwelling isn't damaged. we are all here for you and Iwar if we can help both of you in anyway. take good care Robin <3

  5. Black Metal Robin! just wanted to check in on you and make sure you're ok after hearing of today's events in Oslo. we're all hoping that you're safe and doing ok!

  6. absolutely will do! we've each got $200 in credit via southwest to use up, so we're wanting to travel and NY is somewhere Jackson's always wanted to go (i've already been, but i love it there). would prefer to go in fall, but with starting school again, there's no way we'll be able to take the time until winter break (i think we need at least a week there).

  7. One of these days we will meet in person, and we can clink beer/root beer mugs together.

  8. hey D, it was nice meeting you in person! hope to see you around, and you'll definitely see it on here if any meet-ups are being planned out.

  9. you should tell him that. and how do you know Jackson but i don't know you in real life?? his beard is out of control, in the best way.

  10. totally the best picture.

  11. now i know who you are. you were at Burren College of Art in 2006. i couldn't remember your name, but i remember your logo drawing.

  12. just read HBomb's ok!

  13. figured it was better to mention it than not. and sorry i haven't written back! been super busy this last week!

  14. hey Loch, do you know Hbomb? i don't really know him (met him once) but i know other's who are worried about him. just thought i'd ask and see if you had heard from him since no one else has, and you're kind of in the same circle of obhc friends.

  15. had such a great time! added you on FB! can't wait to get more work done by you! maybe we could do a bigger project like that sleeve coverup?

  16. sounds good. if i can get myself away for another weekend (i've already got 2 planned for the next 6 months), i'll see if i can make it down for MusInk. i'm supposed to be dog sitting for a friend during SXSW, and i'm not sure when that is so we'll see. do you have a preference of things you like to do? i saw that you've done some vultures before, and i really want a California Condor tattoo.

  17. damnit! my boyfriend will be going to that, but i won't be as i'm heading to LA this weekend for GY!BE. any other time you'll be in the area? will you be at the SFO convention?

  18. i'm pretty blown away by your portfolio in general actually. if you ever come through California, let me know! i'd love to have a piece by you.

  19. Hi Adrian. i just took a look at your personal blog and i love that you included a process entry for your flash sheet. i love seeing how artists work step by step, because i tend to learn new techniques to apply to my own art (non-tattooed related). so, i just wanted to say thank you for creating that entry. your work rocks!

  20. hi Petri, i'm glad that my post on photography made sense :)

  21. Awesome Ross! i'll keep it in mind as i make my summer plans.

  22. your work rocks! any chance you'll be stateside in the next year or so?

  23. well i'm glad to hear it. it seems fit to have one done with you as the interviewee.

  24. Scott, who's going to do your interview?

  25. MsRad

    thanks man! yea for sure! i've gotta start figuring out the next meet up, but i'll keep everyone in the loop.

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