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  1. i saw the article about it! so cute! looks to be about the size of my favorite, the Pallid Bat. similar physical features too, just different coloring.
  2. I read this on Friday night and felt really sad about it. BME changed my life and it was a community (even if I was a really young lurker). It taught me so much, not only about tattoos, piercings, and other modifications, but about healing, body positivity, and identity. It really shaped who I was in my adolescence. This past week has been kind of rough, and this only made it rougher. Jennifer, I don't know you in real life, but I always appreciate your contributions to this forum. Thank you for posting your thoughts on this.
  3. No worries! Just thought I would help you out!
  4. MsRad

    Walking Dead

    I'm only up to season 3 :(
  5. i did this last month with $2000 i saved up over the last year. there goes the beginning of a back piece... or finishing my arms. - - - Updated - - - when you're spending your night before your chem midterm catching up on LST interviews instead of listening to class lectures.
  6. I was also shocked (and don't want to speculate, as I don't think Nick or Mario would want that). I'm kind of sad to see that group breaking up. I know @Dan S said that Nick and Mario's styles compliment each others, but I always felt that Nick and Eric's styles complimented each other more (and while I don't know for sure, it seemed to me that they had a long history of knowing each other too). Everything changes, and people and their relationships change. I guess I just hope that this change is positive for all parties involved.
  7. this was the first thing that came to mind:
  8. MsRad


    i mean, they're expensive to start, but when you don't have insurance, they're even more expensive! it also took me forever to finally find a pair that i really love. the rest are just "meh".
  9. MsRad


    me too! when i fell, i actually hit my cheek so hard that i kind of got a black eye from them before they went flying off. my partner, Jackson, came running up to me and was like "are you ok!??" and the first thing i said was "ARE MY GLASSES OK!?? WHERE ARE THEY!??" i was so scared that i destroyed them.
  10. honestly, i have no idea for post lazer care, but Stewart sounds like the best idea, as Aloe helps post sun burn, and laser removal appears to be like receiving a 2nd degree sun burn. as for post-tattoo vegan aftercare, i typically use either Kiss My Face Olive Oil & Aloe Lotion or 100% Shea Butter (though I don't like how it leaves my skin feeling afterwards).
  11. if you've got some other creative friends who can help you put a video together, it tends to help a lot! - - - Updated - - - it was sort of fun, in a geeky/nerdy way. however, field work still trumps lab work for me.
  12. just spent my saturday extracting DNA from a road killed Giant Salamander and a Rough-skinned Newt. i remember when we found those two as well (while herping), which was kind of sad, but at least their squished little bodies are helping 20 adults learn how to do Long PCR.
  13. MsRad


    not creepy! i love them! i got them through a company called SEE and apparently they make really expensive glasses based on vintage designs, but i bought a groupon for $250.00 towards a pair, so it wasn't so bad. they make their styles in limited edition runs though, so unfortunately, i don't think they have them now. i almost broke them skateboarding last fall, but thankfully they survived.
  14. MsRad


    i know i'm like a phantom here these days, but here's a picture of me from when i was still working with/fostering kittens (and before the giant beast of a pup came into my life).
  15. I got really excited and thought to myself " @dcostello finally did it!" but, alas, it was someone else who started this thread. Also, coincidental that the original (or at least I think I was) straight edge girl on this board posts right after a Minor Threat video. I think the universe was giving you guys a sign.
  16. If you're getting a good response here, it might be worth giving crowdsource funding a shot. I've had several friends who have had a lot of luck with various projects this way. Just an idea.
  17. exactly!! and i felt like at the end that i could have sat through it again! the last time i felt like that was when i watched Children of Men (which i now consider my favorite movie of all time), which is also pretty long. i'm not sure if Django has it to become a top 10 movie, but i did really like it.
  18. why "yikes"? just out of curiousity. Rodney Mullen is something else. He seemed to so well and soft spoken, yet to think he started World Industries is a trip (does anyone else remember their graphics circa 1997?? ) There's gotta be more to his story with his father than what was talked about. Seemed like real brainwashing or some shit. Just saw Django Unchained and actually liked it, despite how many times the n-word was used. I know PC jerkoffs like me aren't supposed to like movies like this, but I really thought it was good.
  19. As my housemate Preston would say... DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! but if you do start it, just as a warning, it's kind of like a soap opera that's marketed for guys. entertaining though none the less!
  20. I've gotten pre-exposure shots which were nothing (my tetanus shot was waaaay worse!), but I've heard the post-exposure is no walk in the park, even with the advancements that have been made in recent years. I should just become one of the rabies lab techs because the brain tissue sample process to me is fascinating.
  21. Shitty tattoos sometimes happen. It's a part of life and getting tattooed. We are humans; we make mistakes. It sounds like you need to do more research as to the type of dragon that you want, as a Japanese dragon would not be seen at a "chinese fair" (though they appear similar in shape, Japanese and Chinese dragons are not the same ). It also sounds like what you are interested in is a gothic era European influenced dragon design. Really, it seems like you might be rushing into this. While my initial reaction to this thread was a snarky "google is your friend" type of response, in reality, it might be best for you to do some serious research offline, at the library, looking through some books. Once you find a good reference image (or multiple) PLUS a really good quality tattoo artist, then you'll have the beginning of an awesome tattoo. However, if you want something specific but can't provide a visual example of what you're looking for, then it feels like that's just a recipe to not meet expectations and for you to leave the experience feeling let down.
  22. Did your husband have to go for the whole 6 shots right in the behind of intense post exposure rabies vax plus IV fluids? I'm sure the dog was ok if it's shots were kept up to date.
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