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    I'm a father of 4, and love riding and racing my bicycle when I'm not tattooing, or spending time with my fiance'.. I've been tattooing for 13 years or so, and own Classic Tattoo in Upland Ca. I periodically like to golf, but rarely have the time..
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    Rancho Cucamunga CA.
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    Cycling, Golfing, Swimming.. Making tatt guns occasionally..
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  1. really impressive gallery images. Thanks for sharing them and welcome!

  2. Damn, you do nice work! Welcome to the forum.

  3. No, I work at Clasic Tattoo in Upland Ca. :)
  4. lady bird

    lady bird
  5. lady bird

    lady bird
  6. lady bird

    lady bird
  7. Tibetan Skull

    Tibetan Skull
  8. Tibetan Skull

    Tibetan Skull
  9. Tibetan Skull

    Tibetan Skull
  10. eagle n shield

    ealgle n shield
  11. dragon n skull

    dragon n skull
  12. dragon n skull

    dragon n skull
  13. dragon n skull

    dragon n skull
  14. dragon n skull

    dragon n skull
  15. dragon n skull

    dragon n skull