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  1. I saw this come across Kings Ave's Instagram a few days ago...Rubendall/Grez/O'Donnell collaboration Battle Royal??!! Ridiculous.
  2. OaktownFunk

    Samurai Skull

    absolutely love this tattoo...attention to detail is amazing and that Oni on the helmet...seriously wow.
  3. good to know...I've been checking that page every hour for the past couple days now :) Thank god for Gypsy Gentlemen and Tattoo Age.
  4. Fine example of how reading these forums adds folks to my "list of people to get tattooed by". Damn man.
  5. Ninkasi is KILLING with their labels! What beer style is this Maiden The Shade?
  6. Happy Anniversary! I remember back when you posted construction photos of the new shop. Glad to hear it is going well. Cheers!
  7. I had the honor of getting a Peony tattooed by @Stewart Robson last night at SFO. What a great guy (and obviously world class artist)...awesome time talking with him. Amazing experience sitting there being tattooed while artist after artist came up to greet Stewart/Valerie and check out what they were doing. I was being tattooed by Stewart right next to Valerie tattooing a girl while watching Mike Rubendall and Henning Jorgensen tattoo about 10 feet away. Insane! If Stewart doesn't put something up, I'll try to get a good picture when it heals.
  8. man..great video! All those quality guest spots in one month? What a treat for your customers. All exceptional work and that Rock of Ages back piece that Valerie was working on...wow!
  9. OaktownFunk

    Birds roses

    good shit Stefan! The Red really pops out.
  10. +1 on the Monk's Blood. Probably the best American made Belgian Dark Strong I have ever tasted. Have you tried 21st amendment's Back In Black? Also excellent.
  11. You can get all the Oskar Blues canned beers here in the SF Bay Area. Dale's Pale Ale is killer.
  12. I noticed some of this type of work on Stewart's arm in his Frith Street Video.
  13. Definitely check out City Beer Store when your out here in SF. A GREAT selection of craft beers in there. City Beer Store - Welcome
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