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  1. Hey guys so I jumped the gun and really wanted to start my half sleeve. i wanted to add things to make it look more full and Well a year later I want to change some things about it but I can't think of anything that could cover the certain area up. Im happy with the main piece but under the Skelton where the sword, buckle, and bag just doesn't do it for me and want it to be changed asap. If you have any suggestions please let me know i really appreciate it!
  2. Gift suggestions for my tattoo artist

    I think a generous tip would be good because he will feel like you appreciate gHim and ITs just a cool feeling too
  3. How often would you get tattooed?

    Once a month would be IDeal
  4. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Thats a badass Tattoo!
  5. Tattoo Blowout

    He or she probably Went to deep but over time It will go away
  6. Dumb Hipster Tattoos

    I wouldNt Doubt IT lol
  7. That would be awesome with a mountian background
  8. I hate summer :(

    In arizona IT has reached over 115 already :(
  9. hey, what is your opinion about this tattoo?

    Hi I think you should try adding a pyramid and more Egyptian things with details. Just make sure everything flows so in the future if you want more around it, its eaiser to work with
  10. Whats up?

    Hi I have a couple and are looking to get a cover up and some touches done! Do you have any?