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    Tattoo collector.. Almost all my work was done by Nate Beavers
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  1. Nate Beavers imo is about the best it gets in town and he can nail pretty much any style especially roses. However hes hard to get in with sometimes due to popular demand. He doesnt work in a store front youd be best emailing him at natebeavers13@gmail.com . Scorpion is a great shop with a lot of history just been a while and havent seen who all still works there. If you are just wanting to walk in a shop theres Scorpion as well as Los Muertos, Red Dagger(which has a lot of killer artists), Artistic Impressions, Rose & Anchor, and Advent Tattoo just to name a few. Research the artists if you're looking for realism or traditional etc see whos best at it and go with them. If it were me Id wait it out and go to Nate though.
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    Nate Beavers
  3. tinnint1

    Left Sleeve

    Nate Beavers
  4. tinnint1


    Im Tyler and I like to get tattooed... Anyways check out my work(Im just the collector). So far Im only posting the work I have from Nate Beavers until I get any other note worthy work. I have about 150 hours on me give or take. Let me know what you think good or bad!:cool:
  5. tinnint1

    Skull Mask

    Nate Beavers
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    Venetian Mask

    Nate Beavers
  7. Nate Beavers. Private Shop. Lower half of an on going sleeve.
  8. tinnint1

    Im a golfer

    Nate Beavers
  9. tinnint1

    Portrait of pops

    Nate Beavers
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