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  1. ha ha plenty of guys look at porn and can get real girls... that's really what you think? you wouldnt want anyone to touch you who has looked at porn? maybe im confused as to what was being said...
  2. i've never seen porn laying around in a shop before... well... not in the lobby anyways. i would certainly question the professionalism of the shop, but i wouldn't be offended.
  3. i agree. tattoos are more popular now than ever. its harder to talk to anyone because there are so many more people than ever going to conventions.
  4. yea. thats mostly what he does. he's here in cincinnati and i have a friend who can afford to get tattooed by him ha ha. his shading is so subtle and beautiful.
  5. this one is mine. done by brad rouse. owner of only hope tattoo in cinci.
  6. erica flannes sneaky mitch allenden mason williams
  7. i'm really liking the way erica flannes and sneaky mitch allenden are doing more of a neo-traditional take on the lady heads. mason williams does really nice soft mother marys alot. but i dig the tradiontal mostly.
  8. riot


    im going to a run dmc/beastie boys dance party tonight... total coincidence... cause i've known about it for like a month. but im gonna dance my ass off specially for MCA.
  9. ha ha. well sorry for the confusion, i was told that was who it was, so i took it as gospel. ha ha. obviously i need to do my own research next time. yea... i'm buyin a house... so the timing was not quite right.
  10. me, my friend neil, and the fabulous hiriyoshi III (he told us to call him yoshi :) ) didn't get a chance to get tattooed by him, but we talked forever and he was so awesome and humble. it was at the national tattoo convention in cincinnati last month sometime... and he was telling me about how he had won an award there, and didn't expect it and he cried. ha ha. he was awesome.
  11. yea fingers dont last that great anyways... so i could see how that MIGHT be possible...
  12. yea. anyone who serves makes like 2.5 and hour +tips. its super shitty. yea. us smokers get a bad rap, but i do, do my best to be considerate to people unless i know for certain that they smoke. the rediculous thing is making the tobacco company spend money on telling people NOT to smoke... i cannot believe that is legal. they obviously have warned us of the dangers, we just dont care.
  13. ha ha we made a deal, either i keep going on my hands, or i get my neck tattooed, he chose neck. everything else i do whatever i want. im willing to compromise. ;) now getting him to see that the money to get tattooed is totally worth it is another thing entirely... :(
  14. i like people who are themselves and not afraid to be, no matter what ANYONE else thinks. my husband gets pissed when i get tattooed, but if he loves me, he'll get the fuck over it. :)
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