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  1. Hi, I am trying to decide whether to get my first tattoo on my shoulder or lower on my arm. I am hoping to get the fractal image of the Sierpinski Triangle. How much for a 4 inch triangle like this on my shoulder would you think is the right price, approximately? thanks for any advice!
  2. That's rude someone said that to you. I think your tattoo idea is great and matches up with your beliefs, sounds like YOU like it and that's what counts.
  3. Most of the artists at the NYU convention were doing realism... that was just last month but I think a lot of those same artists go to the shows up and down the northeast- not too far from you in Central PA... maybe.
  4. That restaurant should be "boycotted" by anyone with a tattoo or sympathetic to the idea that no one should be discriminated against. Then that restaurant would (ideally) suffer in sales and revenue and "realize" the stupidity (if not immorality) associated with discrimination.
  5. I consider any days over 90 degrees a wasted day as far as any hope for outside activities. I hope to make it out west into some altitude someday (suburban NYC for now).
  6. You've got to read the whole article to appreciate how much experience and corporate knowledge Jack Rudy possesses, watching the industry and the clientele change over the past several decades.
  7. As with most skin "problems", staying out of the sun is crucial. Even on cloudy days the UV rays are coming through.
  8. Plenty of artists with booths at the convention in NYC earlier this month were advertising cover-ups and wouldn't have laughed at anyone asking. Great people.
  9. Met a lot of Canadians at the NYC convention earlier this month. Great people. There were people coming in from all over- artists from Russia, France, Italy all had booths.
  10. I friend of mine got a TV set tattoo on his forearm because he claims he "likes watching TV." However, he probably watches TV for about 1 hour per month.
  11. The local tattoo shop where I grew up had a big sign over it saying, "Welcome to your new Addition". That about sums it up for everyone I know who gets tattoos.
  12. Thanks for the tip about the eyebrows. Glad it turned out well. That could be a huge timesaver!
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