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  1. nobodyloveme

    Armpit Tattoos

    My coworker has his armpits and he said it was really easy. They look great and he keeps his pits shaved as if he has a date every night. I know these spots were saved for sexually graphic material in japan according to some traditions. Either way I think it looks awesome. To the guy who got the panther in his arm pit whoever came up with that idea fit that perfectly. I love it!
  2. nobodyloveme

    First hand poked tattoo!

    thats a great hand poke right there! very clean, he must work with a methodical cadence.
  3. nobodyloveme

    Forearm "Life changing" ?

    Yes, I believe any tattoo placed in an area frequently seen by others will change your experience undoubtedly. I think tattoos get seen as so much the fashion item these days people forget how powerful they are. They communicate to the individual onlooker in a myriad of ways that could fill up a whole book. However, whatever the feelings about tattoos are by the onlooker could be the difference between them looking right past you as if you don't exist or asking you to come come with them to spend the night. Enjoy the journey. Every tattoo is a living commitment to allowing your internal world to the external.
  4. nobodyloveme

    Hello, Finally Joined

    Hello, I have always been a big fan of the interviews. Decided to join the forum and keep this thing alive!