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  1. Yes Jack would give you a great tattoo
  2. I used Inkeeze the stuff worked great I felt nothing buy pressure. That being said it was the worst healing tattoo ever. It looked more like a burn rather than a healing tattoo and left a scar. I had to have the whole tattoo redone. Stuff works great it's your choice. I have both shins done, one by Iker Ruiz (VERY heavy handed) hurt like hell. The other done by Josh Woods (light handed) and it was a breeze.
  3. Looks nice but what will it look like in twenty years? Who cares what it will look like that is awesome Peter.
  4. That looks great but how is it going to hold up? ( Just trying to fit in here ;) I really don't care what it looks like in 20 years because that is one sick ass tattoo now)
  5. Mr moist towelette please post some pics.... I've checked your IG, the other forums and your facebook and nothing
  6. Not my tattoo, just was surprised that a great tattoo like that had under 10 likes
  7. It is a shame that this place is so traditional centered that this awesome tattoo gets less than 10 likes. Open your horizons guys
  8. Best wishes for your wife and you Dan for real. Weird place for cancer but cancer is a bitch with no rules is it sarcoma? please take good care of her.
  9. Visit Damon Conklin at Super Genius Tattoo - Home Benjamin Moss and Jack Masse at Apocalypse Tattoo | Award-winning, global tattoo entity based in Seattle, Washington Jeff Cornell at Hidden Hand Tattoo - home Matt Lentz at https://www.facebook.com/undertheneedle Will Bodnar at CICADA TATTOO - Seattle, WA You're going to be busy
  10. I will get this going. Here is my dropping the F bomb tattoo done by Cory Norris from Classic Tattoo Grass Valley CA.
  11. Hey Dan thanks for coming over to the forum today and spewing out so much hate what was that about?
  12. I will have to agree with this even being a mod on one of those grumpy forums. I just wish this place was more open to other tattoos then traditional tattoos. A well done tattoo is a well done tattoo whether it is traditional or tribal or realism or trash polka.
  13. I don't know if someone already mentioned this guy yet? check out this skull collector On instagram he is jasontattooskullcollector.
  14. Is Gig Harbor near Shelton? You should check out Ty McEwen's work Tattoos by Ty McEwen
  15. I have gone for the last 6 years. It is a good time I even won tattoo of the day a couple years back.
  16. Phantom of the opera done by Fat from Spain (Iker Ruiz)
  17. I don't get this site this is obviously a real nice tattoo and done well and 2 people like it? I guess it is true what people say about this place it's traditional or nothing here.
  18. for Slave to the needle in Seattle Dicks burgers is just a couple of blocks down the street
  19. Hey I know a dude with that same tattoo done by the same dude.
  20. I thought this was going to be about those stupid shirts. Who cares if your president has tattoos or not? It has no bearing on their ability to do the job. I think it is a bit prejudice to judge some wither a person has tattoos or not
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