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  1. Hi. 😊 I also need an advice about my new tattoo. I like it, like the design, love it when i look at it directly, but when i look at it from far away it just looks odd. It seems like the lines (i attached the photo) are unfinished and need to be “connected” somewhere. Especially i do not like the lower part, which i think should be connected more with birds and be wider.. Now the question is, how to make the lower part of tattoo fuller and how to connect it to birds. I’m open to cover ups and to add anything like flowers, birds, leaves,.. I’ve already spoken to my tattoo artist and he is w
  2. Thanks 😊yes i have. Two birds i got 1 year ago, and the rest only one week ago - i’m a bit new when it comes to tattoos.🙈 But i am already thinking about full half sleeve (forearm), especially because i kinda don’t like the way these two look from the side 😕 any advice? (I wanted to post this question in a specific topic, but i am not able to..)
  3. Hey. My name is Urska, and i just found this amazing forum. 😊🙌🏼
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