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    I started at Dave Gibson's Lucky's Tattoo parlor in downtown San Diego in the late 90's
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    CA and NYC
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  1. Gotta have some ethics. It is up to us. I don't support the "fuck it" mentality.
  2. Mike Wilson = Panther royalty
  3. Rock of Ages

    Rock of ages stomach tattoo
  4. Freddy Corbin (oakland)
  5. Pin Up tattoo

    Pin Up tattoo on thigh by Luke Wessman nyc
  6. Angel tattoo

    Angel tattoo on leg by Luke Wessman nyc
  7. Clipper Ship Tattoo

    Clipper ship tattoo on shin by Luke Wessman NYC
  8. Sugar Skull

    Sugar skull tattoo on a forearm
  9. Swallow

    Two Swallow tattoos on a chest 10,000 miles
  10. Girl Rose

    Girl coming out of a rose tattoo on forearm
  11. Script name

    Script name tattoo
  12. Koi fish

    Koi fish tattoo on arm
  13. Family Heart Daggers Banner Initals

    Family tattoo on arm
  14. Gorilla

    Gorilla tattoo on arm
  15. Rose Tattoo

    Rose Tattoo on leg