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  1. I like the pictures you guy's posted. I guess I'm having trouble trying to symbolize it, or like I said before, think of an image that I can add to. I know the idea of flowers, and I really do like what you have Dan, but I feel like flowers aren't the way to go for me, haha.
  2. Hey guys, still a newbie here and looking for your advice on a tattoo I'm planning. Now before I begin, I'm engaged to my beautiful fiancée, and she has a little girl of her own that I am not the father of, however I have been there since she was 4 months old (she is 4 now) so she is basically mine. We're already in talks about having more children, so this brings me here to find some of your suggestions! Basically what I want to somehow design would be a piece to signify all of the love in my life. (Fiancée, daughter, and those to come) I know it's "frowned upon" to get names on you as things may change, and people grow apart, etc, so I'm trying to stay away from that direction. I've tried browsing online for suggestions for step-daughter tattoos but haven't been able to come up with anything. I'd want something for my fiancée and her daughter, but like I said before, I'd need to be able to add onto it if I'm fortunate enough to have children of my own with her. Hopefully I didn't ramble on that it doesn't make sense, haha, but I'm totally open to your guy's suggestions! I've seen some great tattoos all over these forums so I'm excited to hear what you guys can think of. - Mike
  3. My first and only at the moment is my zodiac sign. It is a symbol for my mother (passionate about zodiac signs) as well as myself (as I am a Virgo). To me, it's a nice way of always having a part of my mother with me, and also an easy way to talk about it when I'm asked.
  4. Happy Belated birthday :P I also celebrated mine recently (the 24th)
  5. Woohoo, more Canadians!
  6. Mike112


    Wow, I love that tattoo!
  7. I just bought my second motorcycle. (Passed the old one to the old lady) Loving every second of it!
  8. I'm thinking of going for all the courses and what not. I love shooting and would love to become an owner.
  9. Nothing better than a cold Keith's on a hot summer's day.
  10. Hi everyone! New to the website. I look forward to chatting with everyone about everything related to tattoos! I currently have only 1 and am working on many more to come. Mike
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