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  1. I'm actually a moderator on that forum. You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff we have to delete or edit. For better or worse, it's there. Every once in a while there are some gems, but it's usually it's all crap.

  2. From ages 17-27, all I had done was my left sleeve, and some random one-offs. I think I'm glad I took it slow back then, because now that I have the time/money, I've been getting tattooed at LEAST once a month for 5+ hours each session. One week I got 5 new pieces. And it's good tattoos now, not the BS I was getting when I was younger. I still have my left leg, right arm (save for a small spot), full torso and back, feet, hands, and neck to get done. In all honesty I don't think there's enough time on this earth for me to get as many as I want.

  3. Hey there, I'm Hunter. Live in Austin, TX. Full time artist trying to break into tattooing. I have about 30-40 hours in the chair under my belt, and currently in the process of completing my right leg with the wonderful Nathan Haynes here in town. Here is a shot of my leg so far to break the ice (sorry its an IG rip, it's all I got). I hope to contribute as much as I can, and thanks for having me.


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